10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting the Freelance Work You Deserve

Getting freelance writing work can sometimes be very difficult. There are times when you seem to be doing everything right, but it just won’t come your way. Believe it or not small changes may make a big difference in getting the freelance writing work that you should be getting or deserve.

These are common mistakes you can make as a freelance writer that can prevent you from getting the work you deserve;

1.    Profile pictures can sometimes work against you

Be careful when creating your profile picture. There are times when the wrong picture can cost you freelance writing jobs and clients.

Pictures that are unsmiling, very poor quality or unprofessional can hurt your freelance writing prospects. A quality photo head shot is generally the best picture to use for your profile. If you would like to use a brand or logo that is professional and sleek this is okay too. Stay away from “sexy” shirts or photos that are not professional in nature.

2.    You don’t have the experience most clients are searching for

Bring real world experience in your freelance writing niche. Get the most experience possible. The more you write, read and gain knowledge the more freelance work you will receive. Build up your resume. The more skills, knowledge and proficiency the more options you have and the more clients will seek you out for freelance work.

3.    Don’t allow your language skills to detract from your  experience

Poor grammar, misspellings or using text language is not professional and will signal to clients that you aren’t worth the investment. Use spell check constantly and make certain your work reflects great language skills as a writer.

4.    You don’t have online proof of your capabilities

Showcase your skills and let your talent shine. Stage your writing abilities through an online resume or portfolio of showing your brightest talents. You can ask previous clients to write letters of recommendation to be posted online or scanned online. LinkedIn has recommendations that can be built into your profile.

5.    You are not responding timely to your client inquiries

Don’t make it difficult for clients to contact you or not keep in touch with potential employers. If you aren’t a personal assistant a client shouldn’t expect 24 hour access. However, make yourself available.
Some employers may request Skype or IM. Many times hiring decisions are made in a few hours. Get back to clients in hours and not days. Of course time differences may present some difficulties. However, work around this whenever possible. You may want to reconsider taking weekends off if you are looking for freelance work.

6.    Don’t come across as desperate

Lack of employment can be frustrating. However, restrict venting to friends. Portray yourself as successful and in demand. Clients can exploit novices and those that are desperate for work with little or no payment. Be careful you when working with clients that demand a lot of work up front or before payments are made.

7.    Don’t wait for the work to come, seek it out

Be proactive in searching for freelance writing work. Don’t wait for the clients and work to come to you. Work your network and niche to find those employment opportunities. There are tons of places online to search for clients and where clients are searching for writers.

8.    Verify if this is the freelance niche for you

Is this truly where your heart lies? Is freelance writing work for you? Are you working for a living or is this more of a hobby. This might be a great time to take stock in what you are doing and if another fit is better for you.

9.    Low rates can sometimes make you appear unqualified

Are your rates where they should be? Pay is relative. However, the least expensive may not be the best and that is true for every field. Don’t allow clients to see you as being the cheapest and assume your quality matches your rates.

10. Your rates are too high and you have priced yourself out of the market

Rates too high are just as detrimental as being too low. If you have the experience to charge that much, but can’t seem to get the work-you may have priced your rates too high. You can lower your rate for first time clients or allow clients to haggle with you a little over the rate you charge. Sometimes lowering your rate to get a client snagged can get you more money in the long run with a long term client or large writing assignment.

Freelance writing isn’t for everyone. However, if you believe it’s for you and simply can’t get the work try reviewing some of the information discussed here. Make necessary changes and get back out there.