Submitting Freelance Articles to Article Directories-Guest Post

guest post from Erica Bandy

After writing an article, the next step in article writing is to submit to various directories or sites to make your article pop on the search engines. Many writers use an article service to submit to directories, but you can submit these articles directly. For manual submission, you want to get registered with the various directories that you want to submit to. It’s best to submit to more than one directory for more exposure for your articles.

Submitting to articles directories is a step in freelance writing that should be taken if you would like to build a ranking in search engines. Article directories have the option of accepting or rejecting your articles based on the criteria they have created for the directory service. Some of the things used for criteria are the number of keywords or keyword density. Too high or too low and the directory can reject your articles. Believe it or not a lot of rejections are due to grammatical errors found with articles.

Understand and know what the criteria are for each directory prior to submitting your articles. This can save you lots of time and rework by educating yourself and not having your article submitted and resubmitted due to rejection. Having your article accepted the first time around is the goal to set for yourself before getting started.

Article submission services are designed to submit your article for you without the headaches listed here. They typically work with the hundreds of directories online and are very familiar with their submission guidelines. Any articles that are denied, they will correct and resubmit until your article is ready for internet print. The fee charged for submission services will vary depending upon the company, the article or number of articles you would like to submit and the article directory or directories that your article is submitted to. Proof reading and editing articles are their specialty as well as identifying which directory will be best for the article you are submitting.

Submitting your article to directories is an excellent idea for exposure for your writing talent. However, if you are planning on submitting the article yourself be prepared for a little work or if you select an article submission service open your wallet for a little spending.

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