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Monday, May 30, 2016

Build Excellent Articles with the Right Stash of Books

This happens to be another post on getting the right books on hand. Arthur Stash is a website resource for writers. In fact there tons of wonderful books to access as well as other offerings. Check out  what is possibly missing from that viral article or post.

The catalog includes books on style, writing faster, using the correct format for creating dialogue and tons on marketing and publishing a personal book. Even if 10 are collected but only 2 seem to be the Guru needed for you, it works out in the end

The website has a ton of information along with other fun stuff like contest and giveaways. Just because something is free does not necessarily mean it is bad. Avoid the negative until there is a personal experience to judge it by.

Check out the Right Stash and see if there is anything to help boost the career. 

The Right Stash 


Writers Need to Read Too

All of the great writers admit there was a love of reading never ignored. The more a person reads the better the writing material created. Most people rarely admit the avenue reading opens up. Although it seems the work  as a freelancer writer seems to take up so much time there is time to invest in other things. There is an incorrect assumption there is none left for picking up a book and getting involved. In fact, reading is a very fundamental piece of a great ritual or routine.

These are just a couple of examples which point out how much it contributes to the work of creating material.

1. Education
Education is an ongoing process. In fact, it begins when we are born and continues until the day we leave this world. Writers  have a task of providing information and education those who seek out there work. Of course there are more than a few who simply entertain, but for the most part the responsibility is getting the message across.

Reading is a way to absorb more knowledge. This increases specialist resources, information and material . Take the time to stockpile weapons needed to get the job done write when publishing material.

 2. Emotional Connections
Not only is education gained through personal experiences, but there is also much to be earned  reading about another persons experiences they are willing to share. The emotional connections felt are wonderful for a number of reasons. Connecting through a book is great for writing.

Countless times the emotions evoked spur a person into writing something wonderful There are times when a conviction is shared in a piece of material lands on the opposite side something written. When a different point of view or ideal is found in a book it is eye opening for some and possibly enforces an ideal.

3. Entertainment
Writing for a living is work. There times when a break is needed. When this happens imagine reading for entertainment. When we were children there seemed to be a lot of time to read for entertainment. As adults it is still there if we make it so. In other words, take a time out. Zone out and relax.

Relaxation is some writers well of ideas. This is when the mind is relaxed and at ease. If nothing else, the next day working hard and fast comes easier.

More than a few sites have books online. This is an wonderful example of one. Riptide Publishing
Check this out...................................
This is a website offering free books for an entire year. There library seems fairly diverse and offers audio and paperback. This is even downloadable options. With contests added to the mix, it looks like a lot of fun.

Read, read and read some more. Gain as much knowledge as possible. Have

courtesy of riptide

Sites Paying Writers $100 or more per Article

Selling work or getting paid to publish is how freelancer writers generate income. There is always the passive income which trickles in here and there, but the search is on for more. More than a few websites are willing to pay excellent compensation for material. Getting up to $100 for each piece of material sounds pretty darn good.

These are three of those business opportunities moving forward and realizing what a great piece of writing is worth.

  • Upworthy is a company with a mission statement of supporting a better world. There is a need to create a better one. Most of the work surrounding the site is based on clickbait articles for social media published directly to Facebook. 
More than a few writers admit to receiving up to $150 per piece. 
Not all articles are posted to the Facebook account, but there is a payment for every one accepted. An extra $50 bonus comes along with the original monies if it does make it to Facebook.

These are the Upworthy submission guideline.

  • Entelligent is a little unique for most people. This is an energy company with a focus in trading it. There is an investment side of things which connects with investing for environmental, social and government.

Published articles are connected with business journalists, climate scientists and financial analysts. Although the work is more difficult than the average article, the pay is commiserate with the material and possible research needed. The start is $180 an article. 

These are the submission guidelines for Entelligent

  • Serious Eats @ Medium is a member version of the site Serious Eats. The title is self explanatory. Get prepared to deliver material surrounding food. There is work to be done on cooking, food and of course eating the wares.

Countless writers gravitate this site, but everyone is not a food writer. The pay is $100 for each article published. Typically the work is between 800-2000 words. Stay away from fluff pieces for success.

One of the things which writers must acknowledge is payments typically negotiable. Work with editing staff to possibly get more than originally offered.

 Always do your best Try to connect with a niche which focuses in your specialty.

Freelance Writing Prospects Get Paid $2000 for 3 Minutes of Work

Writers are always searching for new (exciting it if your lucky) ways to get material published. The number of writers and the opportunities to get this mission accomplished is not fair. In fact, it is tough. For every ten or so submissions there are just as many rejections.  Though, there is also that one piece which is in the right place at the right time and works out wonderfully.

Never let this rejection discourage you. It is simply a part of the profession. Imagine a wonderful outcome each and ever time some piece of work is crafted. Putting the best foot forward is one of the greatest strategies to keep in mind while working. 

Editors and publication staff are looking over hundreds, sometimes thousands of samples submitted for one job.

This particular work is interesting and slightly different from most writing jobs seen in freelance work. 

The work entails creating description of a video which is being designed for the blind.

This is a Just Add Words video description contest with an enormous compensation. The client is willing to pay $2000 for the 3 minute film description. 

There is an extremely short submission date May 31st 2016. Hurry and take advantage of a great way to earn and enormous sum for little effort.
There are three different ways to earn. First place takes home the $2000, but second is not shabby with $1000. Third is nothing to sneeze at either for $500. 

Do it now. Why waste the talent simply waiting to explode into the world of writing. Surprise yourself. Avoid underestimating what is possible to be accomplished. Remember the more a writer works the better he/she becomes. 

The Just Add Words Video Description Contest offers a $2,000 prize for the best “video description” of a 3 minute short film. The description will make the video accessible to the blind – which means your writing must artfully fit between lines of dialogue in the film.
The deadline for submission is May 31st, 2016.
The prizes are:
  • First Place: $2,000
  • Second Place: $1,000
  • Third Place: $500
There is no entry fee.
To learn more, visit the contest website.