Freelance Writing Prospects Get Paid $2000 for 3 Minutes of Work

Writers are always searching for new (exciting it if your lucky) ways to get material published. The number of writers and the opportunities to get this mission accomplished is not fair. In fact, it is tough. For every ten or so submissions there are just as many rejections.  Though, there is also that one piece which is in the right place at the right time and works out wonderfully.

Never let this rejection discourage you. It is simply a part of the profession. Imagine a wonderful outcome each and ever time some piece of work is crafted. Putting the best foot forward is one of the greatest strategies to keep in mind while working. 

Editors and publication staff are looking over hundreds, sometimes thousands of samples submitted for one job.

This particular work is interesting and slightly different from most writing jobs seen in freelance work. 

The work entails creating description of a video which is being designed for the blind.

This is a Just Add Words video description contest with an enormous compensation. The client is willing to pay $2000 for the 3 minute film description. 

There is an extremely short submission date May 31st 2016. Hurry and take advantage of a great way to earn and enormous sum for little effort.
There are three different ways to earn. First place takes home the $2000, but second is not shabby with $1000. Third is nothing to sneeze at either for $500. 

Do it now. Why waste the talent simply waiting to explode into the world of writing. Surprise yourself. Avoid underestimating what is possible to be accomplished. Remember the more a writer works the better he/she becomes. 

The Just Add Words Video Description Contest offers a $2,000 prize for the best “video description” of a 3 minute short film. The description will make the video accessible to the blind – which means your writing must artfully fit between lines of dialogue in the film.
The deadline for submission is May 31st, 2016.
The prizes are:
  • First Place: $2,000
  • Second Place: $1,000
  • Third Place: $500
There is no entry fee.
To learn more, visit the contest website.