WordPress URLs Made Better

WordPress is an impressive place to create a blog. The number of advantages are too vast to list in a brief article. One of the best is the user friendly interface designed for the beginner with an enormous amount of additional functions available to the veteran. The creators are still working to make a good product better. One of the enhancements has been the ability to make those long URLs into short compound ones. 
Why shorter it better

Competition is tough out there for the attention of a person surfing the web. The process of getting an individual to a page is only half the battle. 

The other half exists with converting them to a reader. Within the small space of about 20 seconds a quick overview of an article is done. At this point a person stays to read or moves on in a search. It is better to have the former versus the latter.

Documentation exists revealing readers like things neat and clean. This is true when it comes to articles and includes a URL. Small and succinct are great attributes while longer ones tend to be rejected. 

In getting the most out of the short space of time allotted, make an article visually pleasing with titles, paragraphs, sentences and links from one page to another. Gaining an upper hand maximizing the space of characters in a URL is working smarter. It is advantageous to work smarter rather than harder.

Find out more about reducing the amount of space of a URL benefits a writer using WordPress. This is a process for new and old articles alike.

Shorter URLs for WordPress Users