More Magazine Writing Opportunities up to $500 for each piece

Creating content for magazines is a dream countless writers have had. There is a certain type of personality which fits uniquely into this category. Building paragraphs or articles in this format does differ from other sorts of publications.

When looking for the right place to make a home in magazine publication there are more than a few places to call home. Practicing first is always a nice way to determine likes and dislikes before making a final career decision. Whether writing for a variety of clients or one single business take a look around.

These are a few companies who make it a practice to use freelance talent. There are others such as Freelancer who also put together clients and writers. Though, there are others who happen to be less noticed and with great pay.  Competition is a little less strenuous when it comes to these companies, but the criteria for perfection is greater.

Earning at least $500 for each piece of material is actually more than the average writer looks forward to. Though, these are companies willing to pay just that. Check these out.

PTO Today Magazine

Parent groups are seeking out those professionals who are capable of putting together are variety of articles for kids K through 8. The response time is not detailed, but there is a minimum word count of 1200 and a max of 2200. The average is about 1500. Payment is $200 to $700 for features. Focused topics are on raising funds, involving parents, leadership roles, playgrounds and of course educational opportunities.

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Eating Well

This publication has a focus for healthy eating. A department named Fresh creates content basically on healthy living and eating. Food, life and thinking are all connected in many forms of publication. This is the easiest part of the magazine to get a foot into.

There is a terrific word count of 150-350 for each piece. The pay is one dollar for each word.

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Arizona Wildlife Views

The Game and Fish Department of Arizona is working to improve the vision of the state of Arizona's wildlife. Items are surrounding history, outdoor recreation, wildlife habits, issues and management.

Word count is not specified, but pay is great. Look forward to getting at the very least $250 to $800.

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Look forward to hearing more from us about putting a stamp on a freelance writing career in articles for magazines.