Looking for Sites Paying Writers $50 Per Article

Looking for the next article which buys a house? Well the viral is always a possibility, but in the meantime look in the other direction. Not to getting pennies on the dollar, but simply earning a decent living working part or full time as a writer. 

Getting the bills paid via article writing is a reality. Creating a couple of great ideas and putting them into publication under a site prepared to put forth a little more than average is a viable possibility if one knows where to look.

These are not just a myth 

There are more than a few companies to seek out worth the time and effort. These businesses search for great writers for excellent material to boost a sites articles or posts. Finding great ones to work with is not a simple thing. 

An ideal one comes with attributes like easy plans for payment, getting assignments and even editing. Discovering where these platforms exist is not always an easy task. Locating one is like discovering a treasure. In fact, getting a small publication on one is worth a couple of points in the right direction on a resume.

What works out well

Some of the best begin with paying more than the average "Joe" for the work being performed. Most folks mistakenly believe writing is effortless work anyone is capable of doing. In fact, it is one of the more strenuous jobs mentally and performing consistently on a daily basis is not a cake walk.

Countless brilliant people in the field give up and move on to another profession. The straightforward or easy answer is finances. It takes income to pay the bills. Doing something a person enjoys with the ability to earn enough to make it worth the while is wonderful. There are companies willing to make the effort to see this take place.

Check into what these particular ones offer along with assignment tasks. See if any give a great fit and create an easier way to make freelance writing profitable on a more regular basis. 

Diminish the gap between the feast and famine roller coaster most writers are forced to ride.


Described as one better suited for very special individuals connected to travel writing the name is fairly obvious. The niche is an exceptional field to be in. With the right experience and contacts there is the possibility to make a substantial amount of money is only part of the pros. Several publishers are keen on the idea of sending employees to various locations to get the scoop.  

Pay starts at fifty dollars per article. Submitted material is characteristically consumer oriented. Though, there are more than a few opportunities linked directly to travel agents and a variety of other clear cut related activities in this area. 

Submission guidelines  are located here

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Who doesn't love babies? Loving them is not a requirement of working in this arena. When seeking out a fit that works between subject and writer make certain creation is as uncomplicated as possible. The right person typically has experience in reaching the audience reading this material and how to relate to in several areas. 

Connections are made with ideas linked to products, services, innovations and point of views. Depending on the client it comes to a bag of mixed tricks and lots of treats. The term covers more than a cute and cuddly newborn.

Fifty dollars is still the going rate for material with this publication.  Bonuses are possible. Jobs for these are up for grabs with pay as high as ninety dollars for each piece. Imagine things such as parenting, pregnancy, family and even the stages of adding to a family as possible project assignments.

Check through policies and procedures in place to get an assignment. Learn more about those rules to start earning here

Income Diary

This is one of the favorites. It has a going rate of a minimum of $50 for most of the work performed. Although, the site does state a payment as high as $200 for one is not out of the ordinary. Strong traits for workers include knowledge and expertise in the area of affiliates sales, SEO or search engine optimization, social media and building websites.

A wonderful feature is the site has an option of signing up to be notified of when writing jobs become available. This is used when working via Income Diary to be connected to a customer or client. 

There is also an option for submitting articles cold call. Send one in and the company chooses whether or not to buy it and publish. There is a request for subjects related to how to write articles and

There are those who see this as a negative rather than a positive. This is why looking closely at the process and guidelines related to the company is key in getting the most bang for the buck. Look into this business and how to connect with them here

Doctor of Credit

Although not a household name, the company is in the business of paying a great fee for an article. Build content around credit issues. Most folks like this one who work well on WordPress platform. There is a request for those with backgrounds in law, credit card finding and manufactured spenders.

The site does ask for complete articles. However, other options to engage writers include pitches for article ideas and guest posts. Do not get overly excited with the notion a list of 10 ideas will earn the $50 minimum. The idea put into the form of a complete article is the process. For more detailed info review the site.  

There is an option of becoming a regular contributor. When this happens not only is getting published more streamlined, but getting posted is easier. Access to the back end of the site is provided. 

For those individuals who find it interesting and worthwhile writing on this type of content, check out Doctor of Credit guidelines here.

CEO Hangout

Looking for something out of the ordinary? This is one. Not only is the subject a little unique, but getting the fifty dollars is a little different than the norm as well. After pitching an idea a negotiation with the editor takes place before submission of an article.

Currently there has been a suspension of paying for articles, but there is a place for guest posts. This is still an innovative idea not to be discarded. 

Guest posts are free publicity as well as great resume fodder for countless people.  CEO Hangout is responsible for sharing material surrounding lifestyles, interviews and success stories. 

One of the reasons for the guest post only status at this time was the criteria for publication came in the form of the social media reach of the author along with the quality of the work. 

Looking simply for some exposure check here for this company processes and guidelines.

These are only a few

Only a handful of these are needed to get the average writer started. For some only one. There are so many more around the web which I will attempt to share from time to time.

Peruse these and see if any are a good fit. If nothing of interest is discovered, come back and try again. Writing for a living is not an easy thing, but for so many of us it is what we love.