How Will You Be Paid for Your Written Content as a Freelance Writer?

Earning money freelance writing is what it’s all about. It is possible to bring in from 25 cents to over 10 dollars per article. One of the attractions of freelance writing is writing on your own schedule.  However, more importantly is the pay that you can earn when you write.

There are several different ways to earn money from your work.  One of the more important things is making sure you get your payment.

When you start your freelance writing career it’s important to open a PayPal account to receive your payments. Nine out of ten payments made on the internet are made through this service. It protects you and your banking information and is a very convenient way to receive your payments.

Read through all of the terms available for each site you join or submit your content to for reimbursement. Some article sites will pay you upfront for an article. This means that you will be paid per article. Other sites will pay you per views or clicks on ad content tied to your site. Sites that don’t pay up front will typically pay you when you reach a threshold amount or a monthly payment is made for each author.

If you use a site that brings together freelance writers and people searching for a writer when and how you get paid is up to the person that hires you. A portion of your payment is usually paid to the site that combined your writing with the employer. The amount the site charge can vary from a percentage of the overall job to a flat rate. Freelancer. Com is a popular site that utilizes writers and employers from all over the world. They have the option of payment through their site for those employers around the world that may not have PayPal and you can link your PayPal account to their payment system.

Article content sites typically will pay you via PayPal also. They generally will pay monthly. Some have a threshold that must be met and others will pay you regardless of what your balance is at the end of the month.
Working with an individual client is the best way to earn because you are paid after each writing assignment. Whether that is one or ten articles written at the clients request. Yahoo has a unique payment option. They have clients that are searching for content and will pay you upfront for an article their clients are willing to buy and will also pay for page views your content receives after your upfront payment.

Be careful of clients that request a sample article upfront before any contract is made for payment. If you don’t retain the rights to your article, a client can receive a terrific piece of content free of charge and not hire you for the job.  The best way to handle this is to refer them to a link of your content that is already online for reference of your writing. Try to link them to content similar to the type of work they are interested in. this is why having a large library of work is wonderful. You have a lot to select from and something in various niches.

Knowing what you will earn for your Freelance writing and how you will be paid is important. Before writing any content be aware of how you will be paid. Set up your PayPal account and determine your payment before writing any content and releasing it for publication. 

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