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Writing a product review is something that many freelance writers are interested in pursuing. Product reviews are important for approximately 85% of people searching the internet for their online purchasing decisions. Almost 70% or more of consumers will seek out a product review before they make a decision on services or products.

Many product reviews are found on sites that are familiar with a consumer. For instance, if you are looking for a technical review you may want to search through a company such as or if you are looking for services or general information, Consumer Research has a great impact on decisions that are being made for services as well as products.

For American consumers product reviews are influential in a large aspect of their purchasing process with almost 9 out of every 10 reading a review at some time before they actual make a final decision whether to buy or not to buy.

Writing merchandise reviews has become one of the most sought after freelance writing positions available on the web. There are several different venues reviews can be found in.

·         Image/video-some visitors need to visually connect with a product. Visually connecting is how some buyers get over the indecision of not buying. Take a picture of the product, take a picture of you using the product or simply take an appealing image of several different aspects of the product.
·         Product description-with so many product and internet scams online today, people want proof of a product and what they are getting. Personal thoughts and feelings of the product or service can help to go a long way with selling the product.
·         Buyer description-what is actually being bought? The ability to name it and describe it in visual terms to make a buyer want to have it can be difficult at first. However, the more you construct a description, the better you become at it.
·         Proof-proof the product works and proof the product exists. Give more than you can actual find on the products website. Mention bonuses that come along as pluses to the person that decides to purchase and address any negatives if at all in a positive light. Everyone is skeptical of results.

Bear in mind that the merchant does have the job to sell a product. However, the affiliate has the job to presell the product or service. Having a good product review can assist any visitor with a decision to buy or not to buy a service or product. The right review will make the buyer feel great about purchasing products and help you make the final decision whether or not to buy the product or promote the sale of a product or service. Usually writing a great review about a product is buying into the product by you.

Many freelance writers that write reviews or endorse them will try them for themselves. When you are building your brand you want to make certain that you are tying your name to a product that isn’t junk because quality trumps quantity at every turn. A cheap product may sell fast, but cost you in the long run for your long time customers that can help you build a successful and continual stream of revenue. 

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  1. Writing a merchandise or product review is something that has never occurred to me--thanks for opening some new options. Your blog is packed full of helpful info--thanks so much!


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