How to Send a Sample of Your Work to a Client

Freelance writing is a profession that has seen a lot of new business with our current economy. The competition is fierce. Standing out in a positive manner for a client is a must. There are some things you can do to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and make your chances of success increase tenfold. One of the things that separates good, okay and great writers is the quality of their work. Know how to send a sample of your work to a client to showcase your talent and earn the income you deserve.

There are a lot of online freelance writers and because the business is internet based they are located all over the world as are your clients. In order to succeed you definitely want to make sure you stand out from the okay portion of the crowd. Get in line with the good or great online freelance writers. Know how to send a sample of your work to a client.

Any client that you make a proposal to write for will want to see samples of your work. Anyone can call themselves a extraordinary freelance writer, but you don’t get a BA or credentials behind your name to prove it. Your client will want to see what they are paying for before they instill their confidence in you as a writer. Your samples will tell your client several things; if you can write and if you are the right freelance writer for the job.

There are some clients that want your writing sample to be a keyword or phrase that they have chosen and have you write content about. This can be good and bad depending upon the client. Just like there are unscrupulous writers in the business the same can be said for clients.

Imagine a client that has a job and they want samples from 20 writers. They are asking for a 500 word article from each writer. Most writers will put their best foot forward in order to get the job which means quality content. Even if all of the writers aren’t quality the client may expect 75% of the articles to be good. One writer will be chosen from the bunch. However, a client doesn’t really have to choose any writer and keep all of the samples he receives and still publish them. With a sleazy client you may be out of an article as well as a job and the client has received 20 free articles with many of them of great content.

There are some clients that will pay you for your samples or you can request to keep the right to your article unless you receive the job. However, to get around these issues have samples of your articles online. Publish great articles to content sites or e-zine articles and when samples are requested, give the client a URL of a published article for review. Publish all different sorts of content and a large library of work to showcase what you can do. In addition to having samples of your work online, you can also earn from content or article sites. A large reference of material also shows a client that you have been writing for a while and have experience in different niches and genres.

You can also set up your own blog to stage your work. Having your own blog is terrific because you can write on content you’re interested in as well as how you would like to write. Many article sites have guidelines to be followed for what they would like to see in a submission and these restrictions don’t apply for your own website or blog. If you cannot afford to pay for one at this time there are many free sites online to start a website or blog.

This works well all around. If you trust a client and they are from a reputable company and ask for a written sample from keywords provided, you may have to take the chance and produce a piece of content with the assumption they are honest enough to actually not use your article for publication if you don’t receive the job. Know how to send a sample of your work to a client, the knowledge can be priceless for a number of reasons.