Two Types of Freelance Writing

This is a Guest Post by a celebrated and impressive writer Jade Dragon

By JadeDragon of Innovative Passive Income (

As you embark on a freelance writing career, either full time or part time, you need to consider the two main ways you can make money as a freelancer.

Write for Others

As a freelancer you can write content for other people to publish in exchange for cash.  There are many outlets for paid writing, and the correct ones to pursue depend on your writing skill level and experience. 

Many writers work for sites like Demand Studios writing articles from supplied titles for small per piece payment. Alternatively, go to a marketplace like oDesk to secure writing jobs directly with businesses that need written content. When you win an oDesk job you will be assigned a writing job to complete and oDesk makes sure you are paid.

More sophisticated writers might try Constant Content ( ) where writers pick their own titles, pick their own approach to the articles and set their own prices.  Constant Content is more like an art gallery for written work.  Buyers look through articles and purchase the ones they like.

Generally content buyers will secure all rights from the author in exchange for a one time payment.  You collect your money once and move on to the next writing assignment.

Write for Yourself

The buyers for your articles are using them to generate income – off ads, to support selling their own products, or to sell products as an affiliate.  You can do the same thing with your writing and get all the profit from your article.

It might be slower but in the long run it is usually more lucrative way to make money as a freelance writer by creating and publishing content online for residual income.  There are lots of ways to do this including:

  1. Write for Adsense revenue sharing sites like Infobarrel  or Bukisa (  These sites allow you to display your Adsense ID on the articles you contribute so that you can earn money off the ads that are displayed. The site will rotate in their own Adsense ID part of the time to cover site expenses.  It costs nothing to get started on a revenue sharing site and there are no expenses other than your writing time. You can try many different topics on these sites and than look at what topics make you the most money.

  1. Write for a revenue sharing site that pays directly rather than through Adsense.  Suite101 ( ) is a reputable site to try in this category. 

  1. Write on your own blog.  You can get all the ad revenue and use affiliate links.  One downside is that it takes work to build up a good blog, optimize the ads, and maybe pay for the domain and hosting. Working on a revenue share site eliminates these extra expenses and the need to set up ads correctly and build your own traffic. A blog should also be focused on one or more related topics, so you can’t really experiment with lots of topics like you can on a large revenue sharing site.

  1. Write an eBook that can be sold over and over.  With the right information product and the right promotion (using others to sell in exchange for giving them a commission) you can earn from writing your ebook over and over again.

  1. Don’t just stick to Adsense to make money. Focus on writing good content that can be used with affiliate links ( to sell products or information.

Which Path to Choose

If you are just starting out, and need cash now than by all means write for others. You will gain valuable experience and see immediate results in your bank or paypal account.  While writing for others, you should also be starting with a revenue share site and building up a portfolio of articles that will earn passive income. As you build more residual income you can move more and more into writing for yourself.

Good luck in your freelance writing endeavors.