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Have you heard of the Bukisa article content spot? This is a fantastic location to publish your articles as a freelance writer. Bukisa separates itself from the rest of all of the article content sites because they allow new unique content as well as previously published content to be in print on Bukisa. On Bukisa you can earn Adsense revenue for each view or read your article receives.

There aren’t any other places on the web that allow you to earn Google Adsense for previously published content. This is wonderful because you can have an article on one content site earning revenue for you and also have the same article on Bukisa earning Google Adsense revenue for you.

Bukisa, one of the fastest growing article publishing communities on the web today, requests “how to” guides or nearly any other kind of rich content article to be published on their site.  You can share your content from Bukisa directly from their site with several of the most popular social networking or bookmarking sites through an automated process or manually share with just about any other social networking site your belong to.
The site has featured editor picks that are highlighted pieces of content that the general editors of the site have chosen from all articles submitted, that they feel stand out from the rest. These articles are spotlighted for all visitors and members to review immediately when they visit the site without searching through all of the information on Bukisa.

There are  a number of groupings for your content to fit in. the categories are numerous and fit virtually any kind of subject matter that can be created and submitted. Joining Bukisa is a terrific investment for a few moments of your time.

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