Handling Distractions and Disruptions When Writing

There are times when writing comes with distractions. There are distractions from outside sources that zap your energy, creativity and production. Minimizing and eliminating any sort of distraction can help you produce better as well as more content. Completely cleaning the environment around you of distractions and disruptions when writing can make for a healthier and more productive writing environment.

Distractions or disruptions include things you have control over and those that you may not have any control over. If you can control an outside diversion, make your move to cease these distractions as soon as possible. Removing distractions of the writing equation is always a winning situation.

Some writing distractions that may prevent you from writing at your best;

People or pets

If you are working from home and people or pets seem to be interrupting your workflow, do something about these interruptions. Having a separate space for working at home from your main living areas is always best. This allows your family to still have their freedom of the house and you to have peace and quiet to accomplish tasks related to writing and earning your online writing income.

When you are away from home what do you do with your pets? Are they kenneled? If you do kennel your pets when out, kennel them when you need them quiet or out of the way for working at home. For some writers pets can be a real disturbance working at home. They may want your attention when you need to give your attention to other matters at this time.

Speak with your family about your writing work time and concentration needs. Explain the importance of having a specified time to work and not deal with household issues and concerns. Advise them you must work with a minimum of distractions. Although you are home, you are working from home and this is your time to write.  Their understanding of your online freelance writing requirements may surprise you.

Your computer

If you are working on a project with the need to eliminate distractions, consider turning off automatic notifications or sound notifications for your computer. Email is one source of limitless distractions.  This can be a disruption in your workflow that you get used to but every once and a while could do without. You can still check your email or other information from time to time. For instance, maybe every half hour or hour check your email if you happen to be expecting important information or notifications.  

Music that can sometimes be soothing may also distract you at other times. If you need peace and quiet at this time-turn the music off.


You can be your own worst enemy as a freelance writer. Is your desk cluttered and in disarray? Clean it up. Get organized. Write an outline of your content to help keep you on task. Are you accepting phone calls in the middle of dedicated writing time? If the phone call is something that can wait, return the phone call later.  Don’t be your own worst enemy when it comes to your online writing and earning a great income as a writer

You can be your own worst distraction and disruption when writing great content.
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