Are You Too Comfortable Writing in Your Own Freelance Writing Niche?

Its very comfortable for any writer to create content in their own niche. However, are we hurting our careers as a freelance writer by doing so?

This is a wonderful article that addresses this issue and devotes content to becoming a better freelance writer for the web.

The ability to write on something you aren’t incredibly comfortable or extremely familiar with and deliver quality, informative and attractivecontent is something that successful writers have mastered. Comfort and familiarity is something that makes any person in any career feel secure. However, when we leave that zone we may feel as if we are floundering.
For that reason many of us stay within our comfort zone. Writing doesn’talways afford you the privilege of staying in your comfort area and you should improve your skills for writing outside of your comfort level whenever you get the chance. You don’t necessarily need to dive headlong into the deep end. Tiny steps can be taken around the baby pool.
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