What Are Your Freelance Writing Skills Worth?

Getting your worth as a writer is important. What are your freelance writing skills worth? This is a wonderful article about getting your worth for your writing from each client that you deal with during your career.

Guest Post by Samantha Bangayan @www.whatlittlethings.com 

If you’re just starting off as a freelance writer, it can be difficult to gauge how much you should be paid. A lot of freelance writers seem to be doing well making around $10 to $15 per article with content-creating companies, such as Demand Studios — who manages eHow.com — and wiseGEEK. Once you get the hang of the guidelines and depending on your topic, some writers can pop out an article an hour. If this were your full-time job, you would be making almost $2,500 a month. Not bad!
“Not bad” is exactly what I thought until I started connecting with other writers. My new writer friends reminded me that writing is a valuable skill and that I’m worth more than $15 an article. They told me that writers who stay with content-creating companies aren’t taking the initiative to be paid what they’re worth or don’t know that they’re worth more.

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