Ways You Can Increase Your Article Views

There are different ways that a freelance writer can use to get more views for their articles. Some are what are called Black Hat. These are ways that are under the table and should be avoided. Not only will Google make you pay, but you will lose your credibility as a writer and in the long run for a short spike in traffic you will be sorry. I have a short post about using these techniques.

There is some White Hat or great ways that are considered across the board ethical for freelance writers to get more page views for their articles. Of course, many writers use social networking and sharing sites which can bring the information or material to the reader. However, there are other ways to bring the reader back to the material or content you would like them to see. Try these different ways to increase your article views. This post will discuss what not to do with your articles this time around to increase your article views.

Avoid publishing trash
Taking the trash out is something that we are all familiar with. Take the trash out of your writing or articles. This relates to publishing article content that has trash quality. Make informative and relevant information jump out with everything you put your byline or name on. Make people want to read more and appreciate what you have shared.

Countless writerswant to have a large portfolio of material. However, don’t create 2000 articles that are junk hoping to get more readers instead of investing in 200 wonderful articles full of great content. Take the time to edit your work and put out something that counts.

It extremely easy to get into a rut and simply begin to crank it out, been there and done that, I was sorry that I didn’t take the time to get my best work out. Many times you can fix the bad judgment that you had when you created your less than stellar work. Go back and fix the articles to increase your article views by putting together articles that you are not ashamed of. You can also delete articles from many writing sites that you are not happy with or are no longer relevant. 

Don’t republish or duplicate content
Republished article content is another concept that has been discussed. There are a number of sites that will permit you to publish articles that have been published elsewhere. Bukisa is one of them. A number of writers admit they earn quite a few bucks on these sites. However, Google does not appreciate the gesture. They will penalize you for duplicate content. They will rank your articles lower which will cost you readers in the search engine and eventually article views. Stay away from duplicate content, search engines hate it and will punish writers that use it.

Don’t spam
Spamming is a no-no everywhere you go. There is no valid reason as a professional freelance writer to spam. Avoid publishing your articles or back links on low ranking sites and forums. This isn’t beneficial for getting more page views. Low ranking sites linked to your articles will lower their search engine effectiveness and cost you readers and will not increase your page views.
Spamming sites where your link can be found will cost you rankings with Google.

Don’t use keywords that don’t work
Keywords and phrases are important as everyone knows to getting your article and content where it should be. You want to be in the top and in front of as many readers as possible. Some writers will use keywords that they realize are top search related, but not related to their article content. Avoid doing this. A short bubble of traffic may be seen, but in the long run it will certainly cost you.

Don’t use too many keywords. Bogging your article down with keywords is a negative instead of a positive. Make certain you are using appropriate keywords, use keywords where they fit for an article and use good keywords for search engines to gain more article views for your material.

Factual articles are important
Write factual articles. When you are writing for an authority site or any article content site, ensure other writers in the community are doing the same. failure to have this going on with your articles and around you can cost your article.

If other writers in the community are publishing junk the site will definitely lose Google credibility and ranking. Alexa is another measurement of an article or authority site that will have a poor showing. Combining these lowered scores with an article content site can decrease their search engine effectiveness overall. If your article is on this site it will also cost you. Losing search engine rankings will lose your readers and not increase your article views.

There are a number of ways to increase your article page views. Many of the right actions are already being done by some great writers. This particular post outlines wrong actions to avoid as a freelance writer. If you would like to add something to the list for the rest of us, please do so.

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