How Much Can a Writer Make at Constant Content?

Earning income for your freelance writing is a subject matter frequently discussed. Earning income when you are selling your articles per piece can be extremely lucrative if done right.
Constant Content does take a commission for the articles sold. This is the fee they charge for bringing writers and publishers together. Though, some writers can earn a great income writing and selling their articles at Constant Content.

Depending on what you write, private client requests and what is available in your portfolio you can earn quite a bit of money at Constant Content. Many writers make enough to work for the site full time and disregard building so much content for passive income. However, success is subject to change and varies from writer to writer. Most writers will advise just like anything else, what you are willing to invest will determine what you get out of it.

The average earned per writer is roughly $20. An article will sell roughly 70% of the time and the more articles you submit the higher your average can rate. Generally, if you submit more than one article on a given subject the chances of selling will increase. Publishers will characteristically buy in bulk rather than single articles here and there.

These are seven things you can do to sell more articles at CC or Constant Content;

1)    Bigger portfolios will get you more article sales
Buyers that are interested in your content will more likely to match their needs with your writing content if you have more articles for sale. For an example, if you have 200 or more articles in your article content portfolio your chances are pretty good that you will see more sales

2)    When the markets are hungrier for articles, your sales will increase
Writers can create any kind of content they desire. However, content that is solving a specific issue or problem for a reader will generally sell much better. Articles that help with saving time, money, relationship problem or even complete a task are great sources of revenue.

3)    The more articles submitted per day the more you name is in email information sent to CC customers.
Customers may not be purchasing recent items, but will see your inventory and may be interested in articles in your portfolio. Larger portfolios will usually see at least one article sold per day.

4)    Public requests submissions have more sales
Public requests sales can generally lead to private request sales and more income in your pocket. Although public requests see more sales, this will eventually increase your private sales.

5)    Articles that fall between 400 and 700 words sell better than articles that are shorter or longer
Although longer articles are sometimes sold for publishers, most sales are for article content that falls between 400 to 700 words. Articles that are too long or too short don’t sell well or consistently. Longer articles can be broken down into shorter articles

6)    Articles that you write should have prices between $20 and $50 to sell better
Prices for articles that fall between $20 and $50 will sell better. You can certainly set higher prices, but you want to make your work affordable to profit. Additionally, too low will get you interests, but you want to make a profit. Remember, you are paying CC to garner a meet for the sale.

7)    Produce more work to focus your energy on increasing your income
It’s extremely easy to become distracted with checking your hits or refreshing sales pages for work. This can distract you from getting more out of your content. Quality articles are always best for selling work and getting repeat customers. Focus on product of high quality work to get the most out of selling and earnings for CC

These are several different ways to earn more money with your CC or Constant Content sales and work. Get more out the articles submitted for sale on the site and make more income as a freelance writer with this particular article content site.