Old Articles Can Still Earn You Revenue as a Freelance Writer

As a writer time and experience makes you better at what you do. When you review some of the older articles you may have written or attached your byline to you may find they don’t meet your current standards. You can do something about those older articles. Consider tweaking them and making them better to earn more revenue as a freelance writer.

Novices to the world of writing don’t have the experience or the information they need many times to put out great pieces of work. An idea or premise could have been terrific, but came out okay because you didn’t have the knowledge or resources then that you do now.  The one great thing about the internet is the ability to have that material available to make changes if you want to your original work.

Whether you know more today about SEO or keyword usage and phrases or even grammar formatting, take those articles that are okay and make necessary changes to create better content. Numerous writers find that making even slight changes to older content can bring more traffic to articles or posts they may have written months or even a year ago.

There are several ways to make changes to older content to improve it. You can add photos, video, reword phrases or sentences or add links to other related content. Some authors will even write a follow up to a piece they may have started as an individual article to create a series. There are a number of ways to enhance old articles to improve them and earn more revenue as a freelance writer.

Revisit some of your older articles and update them.  Some writers mistakenly believe their old articles aren’t getting many views and don’t want to invest a lot of time or effort into something that may not produce enough to make it worth the investment. You couldn’t be more wrong. People are still viewing older articles. A lot of writers receive residual income from articles they may have written quite a while ago.  Your blog post from earlier this year may still be getting viewed. If you can find ways to make them better, by all means do so.

Adding links to older articles is one of the best ways to get links to your new articles and the opposite is also true. Adding links to your new articles to older related articles will keep page views coming. When you are linking from your new articles to your older articles you want to make certain the quality of your work shines through so updating may be a necessity. Not every article needs a facelift. If you are reviewing your work and find one that you are very satisfied with, don’t make any changes.

There is definitely something to be said for experience and knowledge. You have gained both the more you write and express your thoughts through your work. Spruce up those old articles and continue to earn money as a freelance writer.

pic is courtesy of scottymoore.net