What is One of Your Weaknesses as a Freelance Writer?

This is a question that they always seem to ask when you are at an interview for a job. Many admit this is one of the most difficult questions to answer. This is a terrific question to improve your writing skills.

As a writer, ask yourself this question? What is one of my weaknesses? This is a terrific way to make your content better. When you ask yourself this question you can answer one of two ways.

Some will answer that they are stubborn, foolish, lazy or procrastinate. Maybe you daydream and distract easily. Others will answer this question with determination, perseverance, confidence or perfection. These are things that sound great compared to being stubborn, foolish or lazy. However, this is not necessarily so.

For example, if I am a perfectionist I will not accept less than perfect. This can delay articles. This can sometimes delay a process or project. You can alienate subcontractors that don't have your perfectionist standards. No one is ever perfect and never will be. You get as close to perfection as you possible can and move on to the next project or you will never get anything done.

Know your weaknesses so you can improve upon them and make your freelance writing career better. Work on your procrastination by making a schedule and keeping it. Work on being stubborn by compromising with somethings.

Consistently having quality content is your goal and in order to provide that you need to continually improve your writing. One way to accomplish this is to improve yourself as a writer.

Working on simply one of your weaknesses this week and another one next week can add up over time. Imagine what can be accomplished by this Fall if you started on one per week? Even working on one per month?  


  1. Scheduling is a great way to beat procrastination, If only I could get around to starting a schedule....


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