Get Articles Published in Newspapers

Getting an article published in a newspaper as a freelance writer is possible. Getting newspaper articles published generally depends upon the size of the newspaper a writer approaches. The size of a newspaper will also affect the approach you take for publication.

Even without journalism experience with your freelance writing. it is possible to get an article published if you go about it the right way. Find out the publishing methods for the newspaper you are considering. Additionally, find out the basic understanding of newspaper publication. These are steps you can take to get your freelance article published in a newspaper.

·         Numerous newspapers with a medium to large circulation will depend a great deal on freelancers for producing article content. Contacting the feature editors for a newspaper is one of your best bets for getting your foot in the door to get articles published in newspapers. Features are human interest stories and happen to be the most sought after type of story from freelance writers. Medium to large circulation newspapers are defined as those newspapers with a circulation of at least 50,000. Lots of these newspapers hold meetings that will permit freelancers to come and accept assignments for feature articles or some other news items to write about. Find out if you have a newspaper in your local area or close proximity that offers this type of opportunity to get articles published in the newspaper

·         Create an interesting idea for an article. Interesting and unique ideas will catch the attention of an editor. These are things that will make you stand out as a freelance writer and increase your chances to get an article published in a newspaper.

·         Generate spec work. These are articles for medium to larger newspapers that don’t have formal freelancing network, but will accept speculative articles from freelance writers. Send this work in to a section editor and followed up with a phone call. Section editors make the decision about what is included in their section of the newspaper. For an example, spec work created for the Society section and followed up with a phone call to the Society editor may get your piece of quality work included in the newspaper publication

·         Smaller newspapers are different from medium to larger sized papers. Small newspapers have an extremely small editorial department and will welcome stories from freelancers. Freelancers that are submitting to a community where a newspaper is small have a better chance of having their article published in a newspaper than a medium to larger newspaper.

·         Study AP style. Associated press style is the standard style used by American newspaper. Newspaper articles that have been produced in AP style are more attractive to editors than those that are not. Countless local people in smaller newspaper markets send in articles that are poorly written and cannot be saved. Make certain that whatever freelance article you submit is written with impeccable grammar and free of typo errors. Use an AP style book for reference when writing your article for submission to publish in a newspaper.

·         Newspaper articles should be created in in inverted pyramid style. This is a standard style for newspaper articles. The broadest portion of the story should be at the beginning while tapering the article down to the smaller details.

These are steps you can take to get your freelance articles published in newspapers.