Using Good Grammar as a Freelance Writer

Believe it or not part of being a great writer is getting all of the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed, the basics. The basics are some of the things to achieve that will move any writer that is good to a great status. These are things that make your content easier to read and understand as you organize your thoughts across a blank canvas of paper in many cases.

Here are the Write Stuff Pen and Paper there are occasions when I find great content to share. ( I hate to create it) that can help with getting the basics right for writing. Grammar is something that more than difficult in the English language and reading and writing great grammar is a thing of beauty.

This is a link to a wonderful collection of grammar articles of information that include the difference between Raise and Rise, Effect and Affect and small things such as identifying the difference in your noun and predicates of a sentence.

If you need some grammar tips or simply want to browse through the subjects as a reminder, take the time to take a peek.

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  1. Grammar was never one of my better subjects and yes the English language is one of the tuffist languages to learn.

    I love writing but I fall short in the English department!

    I will checkout your Grammar Guide God knows I need too!


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