As a Freelance Writer, Read and then Read Some More

This is a simple thought for today;

Stephen King says there are two things you must do to be a writer. Write a lot and read a lot. There are no shortcuts around this that he is aware of.

This says a lot about freelance writers that don’t take the time to read. Reading is getting you information when and if you need it whether you know it or not. Believe it when they say it’s true, reading is great for the mind, body and soul. Apparently for writers it can also be terrific for your pen and paper.

Read, read and then read some more. Read a blog, read an article, read a novel, read a play. Even reading advertisements may benefit a writer. An advertisement may empower you with the next big series of articles you are interested in writing for your article content site or your blog. You never know what reading can bring to you as a writer.

Reading is something that I hear a lot of writers admitting that they don’t have time to do. This is unfortunate as well as sad since reading is a vehicle that many great writers use as a necessary tool to be a wonderful writer.

Many people will read for different reasons. Some will read for the enjoyment or pleasure of doing so. Some will read for research and information and there are those that are in between outside of these two main themes. However, regardless of why you read as a writer you must. Reading will make your writing better.

When writing articles, blog posts or even a novel you want to read to gain knowledge and information. This is how knowledge is transferred from one source to another. Someone will usually read information, absorb it, relay it in the written form and the process starts over again. As a writer you have your part in the overall process. Reading is a segment of your writing career that you should take seriously as soon as possible to become a better writer.

Reading content that interests you is easy. Though, there are times when you must read content you may not find significantly interesting or to your liking. You may even have to read things that you don’t agree with, but reading will help you create an opposite point of view or outlook. Reading can assist you with formulating and argument that points out the flaws in their twisted logic. Read, read and then read some more to become a better writer. 


  1. This is so true! It is the only way to be a successful Freelance Writer. I have learnt this from experience as I have been writing for many years and research is so crucial.Take care and have a good Tuesdday.

  2. thank you for paying us a visit and leaving a comment. you enjoy your tuesday also.

  3. Well I read this! Actually I read a lot. It's hard as reading a book consumes my attention and annoys my family, so I often read when sick or on planes. :)


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