Ways Your Freelance Writing Can Be More Compelling

You don’t need to be a freelance writer to want to improve your writing skills. However, as a freelance writer you definitely want to improve your writing with everything you create. Whether you happen to be creating marketing copy for a client or an article for a directory or a resume cover letter, making your writing more compelling will make your material stand out from the rest.

Delivering compelling content can get the interview, being more persuasive will make the sale and writing more compelling will interest more readers and deliver more quality content in many situations. These are several different ways you can make your writing more compelling for an audience.

Don’t hedge

Hedging is going out of the way to say something that could be more direct. Many writers will call this “fluff”. Sometimes freelance writers will do this unintentionally. You may think is sounds better or more descriptive. Unfortunately, some writers will add fluff to fill up word counts and hedge on purpose.

A great example woof hedging would be; “today, nearly almost all middle school girls have at least some affinity for vampires after reading the book Twilight” the hedging is found with nearly, almost and at least some. A better way to write the same information would be “today middle school girls love vampires.”

Writing with more directness and to the point is appreciated by readers. However, if you are writing and the information calls for you to use the phrase, “nearly 40 million people” because the research doesn’t provide the exact figure, the word nearly is warranted. Don’t add fluff that is not necessary. Not hedging is more compelling writing and more compelling content.

Don’t use passive voice

When you are spell checking your work you will get the error that passive voice is being used. This means that you have switched the position of the subject and the object of a sentence. Passive voice will use more words to say the same thing without adding anything. This is sometimes a sign of unclear writing and easy to do. The passive voice is not always wrong, but your writing is clearer and more compelling when you don’t use the passive voice.

For example: “the girl kicked the ball” is not using the passive voice. However, saying “the ball was kicked by the girl” is passive voice. Saying the same thing with more words is sometimes difficult. You still want your writing to read well and have quality and tone so be careful paring down phrases or sentences to the bare bones in an attempt to be more compelling.

Use short sentences

Short sentences are easier to read and write. They are digested better by a reader. if you are freelance writing an article keep your sentences short and on point. Many times you can divide longer sentences with colons, semi-colons or even dashes. Mix longer sentences among shorter sentences to help gain compelling writing content.

Eliminate trash adjectives

Most adjectives and adverbs don’t add anything to a sentence. They are taking up space and adding fluff. Sometimes they may dull our writing. For example; “I am interested in scheduling an in-person meeting” a more compelling way to write the same thing is “I am interested in scheduling a meeting”

These are different ways you can make your writing more compelling. Not everyone wants to write more compelling or the situation may not call for your writing to compel a reader. Though, if you are interested in writing more compelling, these are different tools to use.

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