Promote Your Content on Your Article Writing Sites to Make More Money

Freelance writing is a great way to make money online. If you enjoy it and are great at it you can make quite a bit of money. One resource that freelance writers use is content article sites to promote their content and make money. When you are freelance writing and submitting to content article sites, don’t forget to promote that content. The more traffic your content receives the more money there is to be made.

Many of these content article sites have a source for earning money. Numerous sites are tied to the Google earnings or affiliates and the more page views or clicks on your content, the more money is made online. Therefore, you want to find ways to drive traffic to your articles found on various content article sites. There are multiple ways to carry out this task.

Become a member of different message boards that are related to your niche. A terrific way to promote your information is to answer member questions related to your content and share a link to your article. You will not only answer a question with valuable information, but you will also direct the reader and others directly to your site or specific article.

Many message board sites don’t mind that you are answering a specific question with a link to relevant information and will not view your answer or information as a form of spamming their audience.  A real plus is if the question is one that is widely asked and your article is the answer because you will receive a lot of traffic.

Creating blogs is a great way to promote your articles from content sites. You can also join other blogs and share with members all over the community in your niche the information about your blog or specific content on your sites. Copy portions of your great articles on your blog and link the audience back to the original article for reading the entire content of the article.

Email newsletters are an excellent way to share your content found on article sites. Add a link to your website or blog where members can subscribe to your newsletter. Some authors will publish newsletters monthly or quarterly. Monthly is best but if time restrictions are such that a quality newsletter cannot be published, consider bi-monthly. Write all about your current article topics of interest for your readers and include links to these articles.

Create an account at content sharing sites such as or These sites don’t pay for article content submissions. However, these are excellent resources for sharing your content and links to that content. Many of these sites allow you to put several links of information in each signature attached to content on their site.

These are several ways for you to produce traffic, get page views and exposure for your freelance articles found on content article sites.  Creating the right ingredients for all of these things to occur will make you money online. 


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