Why Freelancers Should Write for Content Article or Niche Sites

Every freelance writer seems to know the basics of writing online. Effective writing, promote your articles and make a profit from your article. However, there are still additional strategies that you can use to make all of these results better. Earning more revenue from your writing is what every freelancer is interested in increasing.  An effective way to earn more money online freelance writing is to write for content article or niche sites.

Some freelancer writers refuse to write for high traffic or niche websites or content article sites because it feels as though they are giving away their hard work for free. Many have reimbursement through a percentage of Google Adsense, pay a small amount per article or pay per referrals. Don't believe your time or efforts are wasted. These are important writing relationships and should be considered as such. Though this is a different type of writing than online writing jobs for clients it is a large part of many online writers income resources.

Building back links to other content

If you are an online freelance writer one of the many things you are continually doing is building back links for articles you author. You are building a roadway for traffic to follow you to the content of your choosing. You may be selecting traffic to your website, your blog, your video content or other articles that you have published. Writing articles for content websites allows you to develop these back links that could direct traffic down your highway for months or years to come. The more traffic you have the more money you can make online as a freelancer for content article or niche sites.

When you select which one of these content article writer sites to publish you work on you want to review several things to get the best bang for your buck;

verify what is the sites traffic ranking

Alexa is the traffic ranking system for web content. The website should have an Alexa ranking under 100,000. ( the lower the number the better). This reflects the site does receive a high rate of visitors and you should receive a high rate of content exposure.

Alexa rating about 100,000 generally not a high traffic website and may not pay you the dividends you expect on the return back links

Does the site fit your Branding image

Make certain your brand and the site are coinciding to generate traffic to your article and build a quality back link If you are a devout Catholic school girl writing about how your family will celebrate Easter at church, don’t put your article on college boy drunk in dorm.

Check the site to make certain it is something that traffic similar to what you expect at your site or other articles to receive.

Great sites allow you to leave URL links

there are great sites for content article writing that will allow you to leave URL links to any information. You can leave URL information for your site, other articles or for referral links to build income from other writers income.

Writing for article content or niche sites is a great investment for any freelance writer looking to earn money online.


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