Making Blogs Work to Make Money Online

I have a sister blog, Making Blogs Work. I have started a campaign with Making Blogs Work that will share some very interesting information on making more money online with freelance writing and blogging.

This is the article that will be posted that I thought a lot of this community would be interested in;

Making blogs work for you is the power behind a blog. Yes, blogs are developed in order to allow you to share information and knowledge. However, the most important reason that people build a blog is make money online. Being able to write and share information is a nice touch to actually working.

Blogs are for people that love to write and want to make a living from doing something they actually love. There is a way to make both of these come together and this blog is pointing you in the direction to achieve both of these goals.

The most successful bloggers are those that pay attention to four things;
1.       Quality of the content for your articles or blog information
2.       keywords and SEO content
3.       Back links
4.       Search engines

So you find yourself writing quality content and using your keywords and SEO but you still cannot get the traffic that you need to make that great income from freelance writing or blogging that you want.
When you see successful bloggers that are showing checks for $20,000 a week or some other outstanding amount, these are few and far between. However, you can make a very nice living freelance writing or blogging.

Trying to write the quality content with the right keywords and SEO content, get the back links that you need, have the search engines rank you higher you can feel a little overwhelmed with all of these tasks.

Many of the bloggers that are parading those huge checks around are typically using some software to achieve the results that they do. This is a little known secret that they don’t want a lot of writers to know about because they simply don’t want to share what they have gained.

Have you noticed when you are on the internet and searching for information to make money online with freelance writing and blogging the information that they do share is sometimes vague or not quite enough.
What I have decided to do with Making Blogs Work is to share some of this software that can be used with my audience.

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