Recharge a Freelance Writing Career

If you have been in the game for a while it may be time to freshen up and recharge that freelance writing career. Time flies when you are having fun and it really seems to fly when you are a freelance writer. Before you know it another six months or a year has passed. As part of getting ready to make more money for this year consider your writing career may need to be recharged. There are several ways you can recharge a freelance writing career.

Clean house with Blogs, RSS feeds and Bookmarks
It may be time to clean house and get the cobwebs off of some of your writing resources. Working on the web you have a lot of your work resources on the web that must be tended to. These include blogs, bookmarks and RSS feeds.

Are the blogs that you follow still providing valuable information for you? Revisit these blogs and make certain you don’t need to add or delete some blogs that you follow. A number of writers use bookmarks to find freelance writing jobs. Are they still providing you with leads that are working for finding clients? If not, find some new ones that will in order to recharge a freelance writing career.

As your career expands you meet new people, see new things and old things change. Add one or two new things to your listing or drop those old ones no longer beneficial. Make certain that your valuable time is well spent with blogs, bookmarks and RSS feeds to recharge a freelance writing career.

Update your resume
A writer’s resume is extremely important when it comes to searching for online writing jobs. Every writer that continually writes will find there is something new to add to the resume. Review your current resume and make necessary changes. Writers will find they have completed new jobs that haven’t been listed or mastered new skill sets that should be reflected on their resume as they recharge their freelance writing career.

Work on your pitch list
Magazine writers work with a pitch list. This is a listing of ideas to pitch to editors that they work with through their magazine writing endeavors. Review your pitch list and polish it up. Work on your pitch list to make it more work friendly. Get rid of ideas that no longer look or feel up to par.

Recording activities should be updated
Recording your writing activities is important.  Records should be kept for a number of things. Be sure you are keeping adequate records as a freelance writer.

Records of your expenses and income should be at the top of your list of things to do. Know what monies are being spent versus what income is being brought in to make a writing plan of business function for success to recharge a freelance writing career.

Keep records of receipts that will be needed for tax purposes. This includes anything that you believe may or may not be needed. It is certainly better to have a record of something that you don’t need rather than need a record of something and not have it.

One of the few things that a writer misses that really needs to be completed is recording writing activities in order to set rates. A simple spreadsheet will do for recording each project that you work on and the hours it takes to complete. This helps make a quick job of quoting rates for projects that clients have requested.

If you are a writer that records every article or content you ever create this may need a recharge. Are you still keeping a flash drive of articles created over 6 years ago? Reconsider if these are absolutely necessary as you move toward recharging your freelance writing career. Are these records absolutely necessary? Rethink what to keep as far as your articles and where you keep them.  Resave articles from your hard drive to a flash drive to make your computer faster and less cluttered.

Get rid of the clutter
Getting rid of the clutter is a good thing. This means get rid of clutter in your mind and around your creative atmosphere. Clean out the closets that are overflowed and you have been avoiding. Make certain that you have a healthy atmosphere to create wonderful content to recharge your freelance writing career.  A clean working space is wonderful for a creative mind.

Clean up your desk, throw out ideas that have been sitting around on sticky notes that you haven’t got to and really never will. Many times there are ideas that sound innovative and great at the time, but when you review them later in the light of day they don’t work for you.

Getting rid of the old ideas and clutter makes room for new material and prevents the look and feel of being overwhelmed and unorganized. Get rid of the clutter and let the new ideas gnawing at your brain grow and happen to recharge a freelance writing career.

These are more than a few things that every freelance writer that has been in the biz for a while should do to recharge their freelance writing career.  May be pleasantly surprised at what a recharge of those batteries can bring to your table of feast or famine when it comes to writing for a living.