Where to Publish Poetry and Poetry Sites

Poetry is a large part of the freelance writing community and a lot of authors of this content are searching for resources for publishing their books.

Publishing poetry is very similar to publishing for other freelancer written content. The following sources may be of assistance for those poets that are following my blog and need a place to put those beautiful words into a book.

CreateSpace.com is a website that offers self publishing of your book of poems. Depending upon what you would like to publish and in what content there may be costs involved. Not only does the website publish poems they are also involved in other genres such as music.

Trafford.com provides information on how to publish a book of poetry. A free guide is offered. Trafford also publishes in a variety of full color or black and white publishing options. Children's books are also published at Trafford.

Along with publishing your book of poetry I wanted to provide you with a social networking site for your niche. Visit FreePoetry.com. The website offers you a platform for sharing with other poets. Please take a couple of moments out of your busy schedule and look into this site.

If you have any other great Poetry sites that you would like to share with us, please leave a comment and let us in on those wonderful sites.