Review of Freelance Writing

This is a website that many freelance writers have encountered as they search the web for online writing jobs that can supplement their annual income. As a writer a large majority of your time may be invested in an online job search for clients that will pay you for your writing services. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages found when working with Freelance Writing This is an overview of this particular site.

The website may be misleading because the site is not particularly visually appealing.  In fact, it is rather plain. The owners haven’t spent a large budget on website design, but don’t let this fool you. There are a number of legitimate online jobs for freelance writers found with the site.

When the site initially started it was forum based. An employer would post a small help wanted blurb to begin a thread, but welcome changes to the site were made to what is represented for writers today. There are online writing jobs that include; technical writing jobs, magazine writing jobs, travel writing jobs, copy editing, ghost writing jobs, SEO writing, content writing and website writing to name a few.

Several advantages that Freelance Writing has over other websites include there is no cost or fee for investigating and applying for these online writing jobs, no registration is necessary and the job postings are updated rather frequently.

There is a header to sort your job search which is right clicked to sort by the type of writing jobs you desire and there is a display of what is available in the middle of the page. The type is large and easy to read. Results are shown in date order from newest to oldest with title, date posted and location.

A counter shows how many inquiries have been made for each online job posting. This is nice to know for writers interested in whether or not they are among the first few inquiries for a writing job post listing.
Easy navigation and reading is always wonderful with any site and is certainly offered with Freelance Writing Knowing the date the job was posted will save writers from applying for older postings.

Along with the advantages of the site writers have noted several disadvantages. The biggest is the lack of visual appeal the site has. However, lots of writers searching for online writing jobs can overlook this one. 

Another large disadvantage is the postings don’t have the pay rate indicated for each writing job. Some of the freelance writing job clients may find this difficult to display depending on the post. Though, a majority of the jobs could include this information with ease.

Another disadvantage of Freelance Writing is the fact that the site is an online job list aggregator. The data is pulled together for the site from other sites around the web. This makes nearly all of the freelance writing jobs not first postings. They have their initial post on other sites. Though, having all of this information pulled from other sites into one location can cut down on searching different sites around the web.

Overall reviews from writers that have used the site for online writing job searches have been mixed, but the overall feedback has been extremely positive.

Freelance writers that are searching for writing jobs would do well to investigate what Freelance Writing has to offer. The website is easy to navigate and pulls together quite a number of jobs from all over the web into one location for review.