Do You Have What it takes to become a Freelance Writer?

Many want to take the leap and work in the world of freelance writing. Do you believe that you have what it takes to become a freelance writer? Review the surroundings of a freelance writing career and establish if you have what it takes to make it in the business of freelance writing.

Companies typically advertise for freelance writing and normally have them working during established hours or days. If you provide more than three articles per month, many newspapers will consider you a freelance writer for them.  In addition, freelancer communities at many of the larger company job boards indicate that freelance work is magazine queries and submissions when defining freelance writing.

What exactly defines a freelance writer? Is there a specific content or writing ability that you must have in order to be identified as a freelance writer?

The answer is no.  A freelancer writer is a writer that has a contractual agreement with a company or individual for a project or writing piece due within a time frame or goal. After completing the project according to the contract, the freelancer obtains another job or project. Is the project a one piece project or one that requires hundreds of pieces of content to be written?

Employment can be feast or famine many times. You may have several jobs that you need the ability to multi-task to complete or you may have a stretch without any employment. It depends on what type of freelance writing work you perform, if you have clients or work for a company or business.

Types of freelance writing can be business, advertising or internet writing. There are some categories of freelance writers that focus only on specific type of content, such as articles for newspapers or magazines. Some focus their skills for grant writing or developing proposals.

If you decide to become a freelance writer, determine what your strong points and weaker points are when it comes to writing. This is great information to be aware of in order to target writing jobs that showcase your abilities. After you conclude what type or content of writing your great at, place that aptitude in job after job and make a good if not great living doing freelance writing you are skillful at. Once this has been accomplished, you are truly a freelancer.

Do you have what it takes?



  1. Thanks for the good info. Do you have any information about how to get paid to write health or psychology posts? How much do freelancers get paid per post on average?

  2. Writing freelance articles for health and psychology posts can be profitable in several ways. If you review the job boards, you may find clients that are searching for writers for these particular articles. You can also publish your freelance work on sites such as Infobarrel or Triond

    These types of articles receive a lot of reads and on these sites reimbursement comes with the number of reads your content receives.

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  3. I have been trying to do frelance writing at some of the sites, like, Freelancer, nad Elance and i find they are looking for writers with experience. What types of assingments should I be looking for? I have a bacground in business, finance and teaching ESL.

  4. craigslist has ads for freelance writers. the bigger cities typically have the most ads. cities such as NY or LA. also visit these sites

    also remember to submit your articles to freelance article content sites to promote your writing.


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