Saving Your Freelance Writing in Case of Disaster

One of the ways that the business community as a whole responded to the Y2K forthcoming was creating disaster plans. This was true from the company that creates Cheerios to GM. This should also be realized in the freelance writing world. What have you done to protect your writing content from disaster striking?

Believe it or not some writers have discovered that some article directories, authority sites and content sites they have belonged to and received a great source of passive income were here today and literally gone tomorrow. All of their hard work with their freelance articles was gone along with those sites. With this in mind you want to make certain you have done some things to protect your writing content from disaster emergency. Regardless if you write poetry, articles, blog posts or other content you want to ensure it is protected.

These are several things that you can do to protect your work outside of saving to your own hard drive;

Consider investment in an external hard drive
Along with technology getting better it is also getting less expensive. This means that some things that you may have looked into a while back are even less expensive now than they were previously. One of the things that have become extremely affordable for a lot of computer users is an external hard drive.

External hard drives are great for a number of reasons. They will free up disk space on your current computer which will make it work faster while permitting you to save your work in a safer atmosphere in case of disaster. You don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest one available and even a used one may work well. Look into investing in an external hard drive to save your work from disaster.

Use the Cloud
The Cloud is great for a number of things and it has been stellar as a resource for saving freelance writer files. The Cloud as a source of saving information works for a number of reasons. Not only can you see your content on your PC with the Cloud, but you can also use your IPhone or iPad in addition to your personal computer for viewing content. This is wonderful for those users with a Mac or MobileMe account.

Print and Save
You can go old school by printing and saving your work. Depending on how much you write and how you feel about paper copies of information this is an option you can explore. Printing and saving your work in a paper file leaves some writers with a sense of comfort for going “old school.

Keep a copy away from your office
If you don’t write from a home office space or your office is away from home, think about keeping another copy of your work out of the office. The space that you use for your office could potentially experience a disaster and you will be out of your work or content. Consider keeping your back up copies away from the office and at home.

Do you have other ideas for saving your work in case of disaster? Share them with the rest of us. We are all in this together and appreciate any resources you can offer.

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