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As freelance writers we should all be interested in learning to write effectively. However, practice makes perfect. Therefore, the more you write the more effective your writing will generally become. When you begin your freelance writing career it is certainly a difficult task to create content that provides quality information and is great to read. There are steps you can take to make your writing more effective as you make your living freelance writing.

Writing effectively does take discipline and practice. Due diligence will get you there and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. There are effective writing tips, techniques, tools; methods that you can use to advance your skills as a writer to let everyone enjoy what you say and how you say it through your writing.

Write for article content sites
Countless writers become a member of article content sites like Hubpages or Infobarrel. Not only are you earning great income from AdSense, but more importantly you can learn from better writers on the sites.
Review the articles and content that the best writers are submitting for these sites. There are literally thousands and thousands of different articles for review. Review writers published work that appeals specifically to you and are the most popular.  Observe their tone, flow and language used. For the pages that are receiving thousands of page views each week or month, find out how these authors are writing that seems to  bring readers to their content.

Select great topics to write about. Many writers will use the topics some of the authors you are reviewing are writing about. You can select their articles and create your own. Try to write in the same manner the author used. This may be a hard approach for a number of writers, but the more you read and write the better you will become at it.

How do you create an article formatted in the same manner or style of the original author?
For an example take this paragraph;

A convertible bond is issued by a corporation, but unlike a regular bond the convertible bond gives the bondholder the option to trade in the bond for shares in the company that issued it. Basically the bond holder has a fixed income investment with an interest payment in addition to the potential to benefit from an increase in the company’s share price. The additional value of the conversion option of the bond will mean that the coupon payment or interest on the bond will be lower than a comparable bond with no conversion plan attached.

This is an opening paragraph concerning an article on the definition of a convertible bond. If I wanted to write a similar article on learning about different types of bonds I would reformat the above paragraph to read as follows;

Corporations issue convertible bonds. The convertible bond differs from other bonds because the holder of the bond has an option to exchange a convertible bond into shares within the company issuing the bond. Essentially, the bond holder has invested in a fixed income within the company in the form of an interest payment as well as the possibility of seeing a future increase to the price of shares of the company. The additional worth of the conversion opportunity with the bond means the interest rate for the bond is lower than other similar type bonds without a conversion option.

When you are writing in the same manner the structure of your material will remain similar to the original content, but the content will change. This is an example of writing in another author’s similar style. Do not copy other writer’s words; write in their similar style or how they format the information. You can effectively change the structure by word change; re-order your sentences or creating your own sentences. What you are doing by following another writer’s style and making these changes is effectively creating your own style and making your own writing more effective.

For those writers that find they analyze every comma or period, this type of effective writing instruction exercise is wonderful. It helps you read effective article material and allows you to practice creating effective writing using skills you already possess. Changing words, creating sentences and reorder of sentences can help you put your own spin on your writing, but providing you with the manner to construct them effectively.

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