Guide to Write Great Copy for the Web

If you are a freelance writer interested in writing good copy for the web there are several finer points of writing great copy that should be considered.  Yes, there is a difference between good copy and great copy and any writer worth their salt is interested in the greater copy writing experience. These are several finer points of how to write great copy for the web that should be reviewed.

Get a reader’s attention immediately to write great copy
Great web copy writing starts with getting a reader’s attention immediately. Remember you have an enormous amount of competition and the search engine directed this reader to your content and you want to verify the reader is in the right spot.

The average web user will decide in less than 10 seconds if they are staying with the current page or moving on to another. Therefore, you want to tell them they are in the right place and what you can do for the reader immediately

Tell a reader that you can help them make the right selection for preschools, you have the hair growth treatment they want, you specialize in discount airfare. These are all ways to get the reader’s immediate attention that they are in the right place to make the purchase they are searching for.

Don’t lose the reader by introducing other products and services with great web copy
Now that you have your reader’s attention with your opening for great copy don’t lose them by introducing other products and services. Remember, the reader  (hopefully now the customer)found you with keywords and great search engine optimization. Of course, if additional products and services can support the initial claims that you made to get their attention, by all means you can certainly add those additional details. Though, your focus should stay with the initial content.

For an example, if you initially started your web copy writing with the admission that you provide great ways to get your book published for the web, don’t follow that with ….but if getting your book published isn’t exactly what you want to do we can also provide you with great proofreading skills. This will lose the focal point that had your reader and your 10 seconds of reader (no longer the customer) focus is up and he has moved on to the next website.

Keep it short and simple when you compel with great web copy
There are some people that have the knack for the prose; Shakespeare was blessed with the power of the pen. Many writers that create great web copy that is successful will tell you to keep it simple. Don’t try and be fancy. Keeping it simple will keep your readers when you produce great copy for the web. These are readers that have been directed to your content to be your customers once they arrive, make it happen.

The shortest words possible work best. Use the verb use instead of utilizes. Don’t get creative with your adverbs and adjectives if at all possible. Tell the reader to contact us today instead of our diligent customer service representatives will be attentively standing by our telephone resources anxiously awaiting your reply. Being direct with your readers doesn’t leave room for ambiguous meanings. Additionally, it compels them to take action now. While customers are focused on taking action compel them to do so.

Don’t waste a customer’s time when you write great web copy     
You can waste great copy writing by not being prepared to sell directly from the website page. This means if you gain the reader’s attention, sell the product and compel them to act. Be ready to sell directly from the website page or you have wasted the reader’s time as well as your own great copy writing skills.

Reduce clutter to write great web copy
Many writers and customers admire a web copy page that is uncluttered. For an example, if you want to provide additional links to possible complimentary products and services this is great for customers. However, if you waste a lot of your great web copy page with clutter describing all of the content except the product or service for sale, they will lose focus with the primary purpose of the copy. The focus is gone in a matter of seconds with most customers.

Many website or blog designers will generally set up their great web copy page to make it uncluttered and focused on the primary product or service that customers seek.

These are instruments you can use to write great web copy continually. If you have tried and failed before to provide customers or clients with great web copy try these techniques to see a wonderful difference in creating a piece of content that sells.

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