Freelance Copywriter Professional Organizations

Many freelance professionals belong to organizations designed specifically for their profession. If you are a copywriter and considering joining an organization of copywriters, make certain you aim for a nationally recognized one. These organizations are designed for copywriters that typically have degrees or working history in the field of copy writing.

When you are considering joining these organizations consider that you will more than likely be required to pay dues. Dues are usually for the organization to be funded to provide the services they do for copywriters. Being a member of a professional organization will allow you to stand out in the field and can help with branding yourself with your clients.

Several of the best professional copywriting organizations are not generally known to the public. Only consider joining an organization if you feel it can add something to your career while not taking anything away.

·         American Association of Advertising Agencies
This particular organization is wonderful for those new to copywriting and will soon be established in their field. They offer resources for developing your career as a copywriter and allow you to be aware of the latest goings on in your field. They are officially recognized in America as a trade organization
·         Association of National Advertisers
This association is tied to several various careers including copywriting. They provide resources for advertising based careers and a variety of useful tools. Throughout the year they hold local as well as national events for networking with others in your same area of expertise. Tools for training in marketing and media are offered for those currently in the industry and those considering stepping through the door

·         American Marketing Association
This industry association provides assistance with developing necessary skill sets to succeed in your industry, web casts, networking, and education and even post for job openings for their members.

All of these nationally recognized associations for copywriters do have websites you can visit if you are interested in learning more about them.  Before you make the decision to join make certain they fit well with what you foresee as your position within the industry since you will be required to pay fees for your membership.


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