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As a freelance writer there are a variety of genres for earning income. Some freelance writers are interested in copy writing. Copy writing can be extremely lucrative as a business for freelance writing if you find the right clients.

If you are a freelancer searching for clients for your copy writing skills, knowing where to look is half of the battle. Although you will need to sell your skills there are specific businesses that need your copy writing skills. These are businesses that need copy writing services and outsource for freelancers to write copy quite often. However, you need to market your services to these businesses to be successful.

Agencies that promote creative services

There are agencies that are specializing in creativity that would like your services. These are known as ad agencies or firms that consult and have a specialty in marketing or design.

These clients will utilize a freelance writer for copy writing. Contact the copy chief, account executive or creative director. For smaller companies contact the owner.

Large companies for copy writing

Many of the bigger or larger companies have permanent writers they hire to create their copy. Though, there are times when they have jobs that are outsourced and these are the times where you can find the work. 

Larger companies are nicer to work for because they generally pay slightly better and your work can lead to a full time gig.


EBay is a wonderful place for copy writing. Most of the services provided are for ad writing or auction writing. Nearly all of the work for EBay copy writing services is provided by freelancers.  The help wanted ads for copy writing services are found on platforms such as Craigslist or other freelance writing services wanted job boards.

Small business proprietors

Small business owners are hiring an extraordinary amount of freelance writers for copy writing. It is rare to locate a small business that does not outsource these services. These jobs are less permanent than work provided with the larger companies. However, you will find these more frequently.

Small business owners number in the billions around the world so the likelihood of locating these jobs increases tremendously. This is the platform that most freelance writers use to find the most income.

Organizations that are not for profit

Not for profit organizations, also recognized as non-profits, hire for copy writing services. They are generally requesting grant writing, ads and a lot of fundraising activity. Contact the fundraising director for information on copy writing for organizations that are not for profit.

These are several resources for copy writing clients for the freelance writer. There are other clients that may need your services. Therefore, it’s important to put your services out for hire where clients can find you if needed.

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  1. Very interesting, thank you. I often think about starting up freelance copy writing or editing, and this gives some idea about where to start. Itneresting about ebay too.

  2. thank you sandra for your comment. there are a lot of freelancer jobs where other people request you write bids for ebay. however, be careful if they are asking you to also use your personal account for purchasing items and doing business on behalf of their company.


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