Get a Piece of Viral Content

There certainly cannot be anything better for a writer than having a piece of content that goes viral. A viral article is defined as one that absolutely ranks up the reads makes it to the first page of a search engine and readers cannot get enough of it. Unfortunately, the amount of articles that go viral for any one writer is slim to none. However, you can increase your chances of getting on the small list of writers that see their content go viral by following some simple steps.

Great quality content is the beginning of getting viral content. A strong piece of work with great quality is always a must everywhere you publish your work. whether you have a piece of blog content or write for an article writing site getting value added superior work in the web is the start of viral content.

Great content
Great content is that content that WOW article that compels a reader. It drives emotions or evokes a response. Quality relevant content that is great in measure to others is the beginning of getting viral content.

These are several categories of those WOW articles that make the amazing voyage of viral;

·         make a reader say WOW
·         humor
·         an amazing resource of information
·         emotional article

If you have a great piece of content falling into one of these categories you have a chance to go viral.

List articles
List articles will have a chance to go viral. Readers simply cannot get enough of lists. The list format is seen on more viral content than not. Many of the best of the best list articles are larger than top 10. There are some lists that make a great read that are the top 25 or even the top 50. There are some writers that will really get bold and write a top 100 list of items.

Pictures or images
Pictures and images are wonderful for articles that you want to go viral. Pictures and images can strike emotion many times where the article barely scratches the surface. If you are going for an emotional article always try to include images of some kind that can help push the reader into the emotion state of mind
Pictures that accompany an article should be used with uniform widths for appeal. This is a boo-boo that many writers make when they include more than one image with their article. If the height differs slightly in your images you can get away with it. However, make certain they all have the same width.

Video is also a plus for content that you want to go viral. Adding a video for each point of text can be wonderful to push the writing to the edge. Adding video is a simple process and if you find the right one for each point you can certainly get a viral piece of content.

Instructional videos are wonderful and appreciated by readers when you have an instruction included in written content. Consider adding video the next time you believe you have a piece of content that is worthy of going viral.

Headings are wonderful for two reasons. They make your content easier to read and break up lengthy texts. many writers don’t use headers and miss out on getting a lot of readers for great content that may be a little longer than most. Make certain you add headings to increase the value of your content.

The viral video is one that is all over the social media or social networking sites. There may be times when you need to give it a little push. Make certain you use your networking capabilities and your information gets to where it needs to be.