Social Networking for Your Freelance Writing in 2012

Sharing your freelance writing content is extremely important and having a plan in place for 2012 is something to consider and build a strategy for as soon as possible. Surprisingly there is the concept that the best way to share content in 2012 is by evaluating what you did and did not do for 2011. What worked and what didn’t work for 2011 and build from that platform.

This is the social bookmarking and social networking that is currently done around the web today;

Facebook is the number one resource for sharing information on the web. At this time they are a little over 52% of sharing on the web. Last year they held 44% of sharing on the web. If you haven’t already become a member of Facebook to share your content, don’t wait any longer. This is the direction to take for a number of freelance writers in for 2012.

The Twitter folks have about 13 ½% of content shared on the web. They have increased their existence by nearly 600% from where they were last year. Start Tweeting this year if you haven’t already. Twitter followers don’t appear to be as massive as Facebook, but don’t let the numbers fool you. Twitter is an extremely beneficial presence for a lot of freelance writers and getting readers to content.

Stumble Upon
We knew that they were increasing their traffic and they have grown by over 300% with their charisma on the web. They don’t have a huge amount of the information shared on the web when compared with Facebook, but they have something that Facebook does not have. People are coming to Stumble Upon searching for information and prepared to see content sharing which is different from Facebook. Facebook is not dedicated solely to content sharing.

Tumblr has increased their traffic by over 1000%. They have grown by 1299% and in June of 2011 they exceeded WordPress as the most popular platform for blogging with their share of the web at 20.8 million sites. You can do a lot with your freelance content and Tumblr.

Google +
Google + isn’t what they believed they would be by now. They grew initially with new members and have since fallen off. Google + will no doubt see some changes this year to increase their presence on the internet.

Digg saw a decline in their market share of nearly 48%. There were some changes that were made to the interface, but users have slacked off. This was initially touted as a news source, but may people have shared their freelance writing content on the DIgg platform.

MySpace was falling and has continued to fall. They declined by close to 56.9% last year. People are still here. Though, many people have taken their social networking to Facebook.

These are numbers of our social networking resources that are seeing increases and decreases around the web. Depending on where you are currently sharing your subject matter for 2011, these numbers may make you change your mind with plans for the future of your writing content in 2012.