Marketing Your Blog Using Social Media Such as Twitter and Facebook

Social media is a terrific way to market. You can spread the word about your blog and your content to a multitude of potential new members. Your follows have followers who have followers and before you know it, you have exposed your content to thousands of people through social networking media.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites are great for bringing traffic to your blog. When you share content on these networks, it goes viral. If one person shares it, they share it with others and the linking continues to others- this is going viral.

For example, if you have over 300 people following your Twitter and of those 300 they have 900 and those 900 have 1200 and all share your content, you are going viral and getting others to read your content and connect with your blog. This is another reason to provide quality content for your blog.  This example is only for your share, what if your members or readers share your content? Again you have thousands that could potentially review your blog through social media contacts with each member that shares your content with their followings.

Make sure your posts are shared on your Twitter and other social networking sites that you belong too. There are tools available on the web that can help you manage this. A great one to use is Buzzom.  You can use Buzzom to manage your Twitter account and Facebook.

Within many of the social networking accounts specifically designed for networking. In particular is Facebook. Facebook allows you to create walls specifically to your blogs. They also have a Bloggers forum to allow display of your blog and networking with other blog writers about your blogs and that showcase your blog. Sign up for all of these to get your blogs reviewed and drive traffic to your blog.

When posting information to your wall in Facebook, add links to your blogs with brief descriptions of each and join the forum.

Buttons and links for all social media sites can be added after each post in the comment section which makes them handy and for your blog on the top of your page next to RSS feed and sign in information.

Social networking allows you the opportunity to market your blog content on so many different platforms. In addition, you will reach so many different distinct and separate levels of potential readers and possible members; you should see your content increase massively. 


  1. Social media is the most powerful and popular way to make any business, new venture or happening newsworthy !!! Rani Chopra


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