Using Social Media Apps to Make Your Life a Little Easier

Social media is all over the internet as a discussion topic. Social media is actually beginning to be ranked higher than SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords for driving traffic to your site or blog.
Many are not aware that Google includes tweets now in their search results. Search engines are ranking sites such as Klout and PeerIndex that reflect your social media site activity for ranking status.
There are several free online social media tools that can make your social media life a little easier and help you utilize social media results for review.

Timely allows you to schedule tweets when they will be most efficient. Timely evaluates your last 199 tweets and advises you when a retweet would be most effective.  You can tell Timely when you would like to retweet based on their suggestions by simply clicking “yes” to their suggested optimal time and it will retweet whether you are connected to the application or not.

Timely is a terrific choice if you want to optimize your tweets as well as track information. For each tweet you distribute Timely can even reflect the number of times it was retweeted.

One more excellent opportunity that Timely offers, is the ability to have multiple twitter accounts signed into one Timely account.

Facebook scheduling should be considered. Facebook advises they don’t value third party, applications, submitting posts to Facebook. When you share posts on Facebook the number is higher than when using an application.

If you can live without Facebook posting at any time around the clock or optimal times, consider not using an application for posting Facebook. HootSuite does a great job of working with your thumbnail pages for Facebook but I wouldn’t recommend a third part app for this social media site.

Using the share button instead of the like button can make a difference on how thumbnails appear in Facebook.

This tool will allow you to track all sorts of social media engagement related to your site or blog. Such as tweets, retweets, Facebook comments and shares, Digg comments, link clicks and Facebook shares.
These are several apps to help you use social media as well as analyze the impact it having on traffic to your website.  You can work with these or others around the web that you find meets your needs better.

If you have more apps you would like to share with us, please comment here.