How to Find those Wow Pics for Great Articles

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When you have written a wonderful article and want to find a great picture to accompany it where do you look? Everyone has an opinion and different favorites for finding pictures to accompany an article. Adding the right picture to an article is similar to putting a cherry on the top of a sundae; it can set it off and make your article worth reading for traffic that may have otherwise simply passed it by.
There are a lot of great sites that supply pictures for articles. Some are free of charge and others will cost you a nominal fee. These are a couple of sources for finding the right pictures to accompany your articles.
Take your own photos
Many writers have advised that they take their own photos. With a digital camera and a USB port, take pics and download them to your computer. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get great pictures. The same imagination and resources that you use to write terrific articles can also be used for taking great photos.
It really doesn’t matter where you live. You can live in a city of over a million people or on a rural farm in the Midwest of the United States and find great pictures if you know where to look. Remember not to take photos simply for the next article theme that you are working on just take photos to build a collection or archive. Build up a library of available pics and whenever you need them you have a resource to indulge in.
If you are one of the fortunate few in the world that live in a place where you have more than one season you can really get awesome pictures of the weather, animals, nature, landscapes and other outdoor interests for your album as the seasons change. Take pictures of people you know and invoice them. Take pictures of interesting sites and places you happen to find. Photograph different foods or even cars. Any and every picture added for your online library will work for your articles.
Free online picture sites
There are many free online picture sites. These sites usually include real photographs, cartoons, videos and some even house caricatures of people or places. Many of the free online digital photograph sites will allow you to download royalty free photos and illustrations.
One great site is The site allows you to download for personal or professional use photos and illustrations for websites, newspapers, video, magazines, iPhone applications, forums or blogs. This site is one of many that will even pay you to upload your personal digital photos and illustrations and if someone uses them potentially earn from their use. The site requires registration and is free to use. They have various categories and something that covers just about anything article related that you can think of. Simply give acknowledgement to the site and image creator at Free Digital
Google images are another great place to find free online illustrations for your articles. Google offers millions of pics from the millions of articles found on their search engine content. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, typically it cannot be found. Easy and free to use with the acknowledgment of the site or the photographer, Google Images is immense and greatly appreciated for the reliability of the material as well as the choices available. Simple and straight forward for writers that don’t want to crop or edit what pictures they are using in their articles to complete the big picture of the content they are displaying.
Sites with a nominal fee for use
There are several online sites that will charge a fee for any images from their website used. These are generally few and far between. Most of the online sites are free of charge and after searching through them you are bound to locate something that you can use for your article. Why pay for something that you can get for free? If you do choose to use one of these services it may be for a specific photo that you cannot seem to find anywhere else. For example, you may want a famous photo like the marines at the Hanoi Hilton or something similar.
Photographs, images, cartoons or pictures in general are a great way to showcase an article and the content it contains. Remember, adding pictures is a great way to get traffic to an article and many readers through various research studies have advised they enjoy an article with pictures more than those without.

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