Why List Articles Get Traffic

Gaining as much traffic as possible is what every writer strives for. The viral article that gets the positive attention of search engines as well as thousands of readers is only one more article away for each of us. In the meantime we will make the most of what we have to offer. One of the tools at your disposal is lists articles to get more traffic.

Traffic for some writers is easy. They have the magic touch to generate numerous articles which take off and generate the traffic needed to make a terrific living as a writer. Still most of us struggle daily to get the most of every word and hoping our next publication will be the one with a WOW factor needed to see an enormous increase in readers and our online writing income. There are some great internet resources sharing the tools needed to make this happen on a routine basis. One of these is making lists for readers.

Why readers like lists

Readers love to read lists. When they are sending inquiries or questions to search engines they are searching for specific info. Writers that want to be cute or coy with their titles will miss out on thousands of hits. Have the right title to attract readers to your content. They will know exactly what to expect from your title.

Social networking with a wonderful title will get your article shared. Simple and straight forward is the best way to go. For instance, if create a top list on Getting Rid of Toe Nail Fungus, do not call it something like Eradicating Nail Fungus on Your Toe Nails.

Even though you have built lists for your readers, these are still articles. Make the most of your content. Make it valuable and informative to your readers. Remember the same constructive measures search engines use for all content will also apply to your listings. Craft wonderful material for readers as well as search engines.

How many is enough for a list

Odd numbers work better than even when making lists. This means if you have 10 of something, change it to 7 or divide it in half to make five of each. This means having 10 in a list could potentially build you more than one list. If you use 7 and have 3 left over, add more to your 3 to craft another listing.

You do see some with 10 or 20 items, but the odd number is more attractive for some reason.

How to Craft Ideas for Lists

Lists can virtually be about anything. In fact, when you are an expert in an area you will basically have an enormous supply of material at your fingertips you are essentially unaware of. Consider if you are a blogger. Some top lists off of the top of my head would be

·         10 Best Titles for Blog Posts

·         15 Reasons it Pays to Blog

·         7 Most Asked Blogging Questions

·         30 Great Images for War Game Blogs

·         11 Reasons Why Your Posts Don’t Work

·         17 Ways to Write Blogs Faster

All of these are simply off the top of my head. When you have the time to make a list of ideas, go crazy. No idea is off limits for your genre or expertise. Even if it sounds silly or out of sorts, a quick tweak later could turn it into something that works for you.

One List Could Be More

There are times when one list could be two or more. This is when an idea takes on a more detailed design. In other words, your “11 Reasons Why Your Posts Don’t Work” could transform into several more. For instance, 5 Reason Why Your Electronic Posts Do Not Work” or “7 Reasons Why Electronic Posts are Great” or “5 Greatest Electronic Posts”. All of these were created out of one idea.

Getting Your Articles Written

Lots of writers are outsourcing their writing at this time. They are hiring other writers to create content for lists articles. Subcontractors through a variety of writing sites are willing to created tons of articles for a fee. Of course, using an outsourced writer could mean not receiving what you consider impressive material. Additionally, this is not free. You will be responsible for paying for these services.

If you write a lot of these talented articles at once and publish them you could potentially increase your readership by hundreds in a very short period of time. In addition to growing your immediate audience, passive writing income will increase.

In conclusion

If you are still searching for that article that goes viral, good luck. It could be right around the corner. In the meantime, gather readers to your content by writing some remarkable material through lists. The more readers you get to your articles, the more money you will make as a freelance writer. Follow these tips to make it happen with less stress and more success.