Outsourcing and Finding the Correct Subcontractor for the Job

Finding the correct team to work on your writing job can be difficult. It’s hard to let go of the reins when you are typically writing as a single writer. However, for a project or client you may have to hire a subcontracted writer or group of subcontractors to write for you with your name behind them which may be challenging, but certainly not impossible.

Moving from the role of freelance writer to project manager can be hard for a lot of freelance writers. However, in order for your business to grow and become successful many times you must make this transition.

You can fall into trouble if you are only searching for the writers that are offering you the cheapest rate for their services. This is not to say that a more expensive writer will be better. Then again, don’t review price first. Remind yourself that in the end you are responsible for the content and quality is important for your reputation.

If you decide to place a classified ad, make certain that you are detailed with the nature of the job and request samples of the writers work. They can provide samples that aren’t published or samples that are on the web already. Get samples related to the job you will be hiring them for. They may be great at content on baby strollers but if your job is a how to article on concrete mixing; they may not be able to produce quality content for you.

A good writer can provide quality work samples. Search for this aspect in the samples provided above all else. Is the article sample they provided original or did it pass Copyscape? Is the tone and style something you would like or the client is inclined to like? When asking for samples, ask them to write with a keyword. The writer should also be knowledgeable in SEO or keyword utilization.

Great articles or content is convincing, gets all points across and valuable to the reader. Also an excellent command of the English language is a must along with grammar and no typos. You don’t want to have to redo articles that you are paying someone else to write.

When you are hiring writers, remember that you are responsible for their pay. You may have a client that goes out town during payday, stiff you or pay you whenever instead the date you contracted to get paid. Remember this when hiring a writer or team of writers. You may have to pay them from your pocket, can you afford that?

Finding great subcontractors to write your articles is possible. It takes hard work just as anything else.