The website is a website that hires freelance writers to create extraordinary news related articles which are tied to current events. Paid freelance writers writing and publishing their work for the website are referred to as digital journalists. is an online website where writers publish news related articles and earn money from the Moneypot. was initially a site which had freelance writers post their content to the site free of charge. Writers posted content mainly for sharing with readers without compensation. However, they have evolved into an online resource for freelance writers to earn income from their work. They offer a unique online revenue earning opportunity for writers. Freelance writers get paid for their online writing contribution to via the Moneypot.

How freelance writers earn online income as digital journalists’s online payment system for writers is called the “Moneypot”. This particular earning resource is different from most online writing sites revenue sharing income writers can earn. The Moneypot is an ever growing source of monies contributed to on an ongoing basis. The Moneypot grows and writers have the chance to earn a portion of the income source. The more contributions a writer makes to the site more of the Moneypot a writer can earn from

Writers earn scores through the website. A writer’s score is used to determine how much of the Moneypot is earned for a writer's income. Scores are a combination of votes and page views a writer receives for online content. This relates to the more consideration a writer’s content gets through page views and votes the more a writer can earn from’s Moneypot. Writers are also eligible for bonuses for what the website deems as original or groundbreaking  interviews and reporting.

Payment is made via PayPal monthly after a writer’s account exceeds $10.

How to become a Digital Journalist
Digital journalists are writers that are selected by the website to become members. A short online bio and writing sample is submitted for editor review. After creating an account with writers use the “contribute” button to submit a writing sample. An approved digital journalist can contribute content to the site as often as possible.

What editors at Digital Journalist look for in acceptable writers?
Editors are generally searching for writers who can contribute outstanding news related content tied to current events for the site. Subject matter and content for newsy articles should cover events which are taking place in various cities, towns and countries.  Avoid articles which could be identified as encyclopedia in nature.

The types of articles found on the site are varied and interesting. News doesn’t have to be boring to be top notch and relevant for readers.

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