Academic Writing as an Income Resource for a Freelance Writer

Academic writing is a resource that a lot of freelancers don’t investigate enough. Your background and education can determine whether or not this platform is a good fit for you as a writer. Though, that is not all there is to academic writing. Some writers that don’t have a couple of college degrees make a great living writing for academics. Freelance writers with a great grasp of the English language, can cite their resources, communicate effectively and have a willingness to learn will fare well in the academic arena of freelance writing.

There are actually eight different characteristics to academic writing; formality, complexity, objectivity, accuracy, hedging, responsibility, explicitness and precision. All of these different venues of academic writing should be taking into consideration when contemplating writing on the academic forefront. If you don’t believe you can achieve the best quality in these different areas, reconsider writing academically.

Formal approaches should be taken to any information shared on the academic form of writing. People that investigate and use the resources provided by academic writing are professionals. These are not written blog posts and don’t resemble anything close. If you are more comfortable with more informal writing platforms, reconsider academic writing.

Complexity surrounding academic writing is generally tied to the formal aspect of writing for academics. Standard written English is necessary for writing academia and it moves away from spoken communication. Spoken English is typically verb based while written English is noun based. Most freelance writers have enjoyed elasticity in their writing that they won’t see when writing for the academic genre. There are many subordinate clauses and passives found with the complexity of academic writing.

Precision words are a must with writing academically. Academic writing is based on precise and factual information. Things such as figures, stats and charts are used routinely.

The writer that cannot write objectively will not find a happy place in the academic writing world. Writers that enjoy and are good at writing subjectively should stray away from academics as a form of freelance writing income. The focus is on the primary theme or subject matter at hand.

Explicit form
Freelance writing for academics means the writer is responsible for communicating the different parts of the whole and making all of the parts connect with clear and precise communication. There is no room for error or variables with academic writing.

Accuracy is extremely important. Citing resources and supporting information are a must with academic writing. An accurate use of vocabulary is also needed. There are not a lot of adverbs or even verbs used in most of the academic writing used around the internet.

The writer is responsible for the written word that carries their byline. This is why it is important for their academic writing to have facts supported by information such as stats and figures and resources cited.

Hedging in academic writing is a writer taking the facts, figures and information they are writing about and coming at it from a specific point of view is referred to as hedging.
Academic freelance writing is certainly not for everyone. This is one of the areas of freelance writing where you can earn a considerable amount of money for the work or time that is invested.


  1. I don't recommend freelance writers to do academic writing since most students display poor behavior in the process. Freelance writers will find that writing for students is like serving obnoxious customers at restaurants. However, freelance writers can make money with good clients willing to pay a good per page rate.

    A freelance writer must be assertive to become a good academic writer. Furthermore, they have to build trust. For the most part, the student's success is based on the freelance writer's ability to follow paper directions, citing guidelines, meeting deadlines, and writing a good paper.

    The most important aspect in the academic writing process is meeting deadlines. Students would rather turn in average work than to receive late assignments. They will turn into evil demons, showing no respect in the process. Freelance writers are better off contributing content to magazines and online news sites than to get involved with college students.

    Fact: There are college students who will take advantage and will never make payments.

    Understanding APA, MLA, Chicago and TUrabian citing guidelines are important. A freelance writer who lacks citing experience can jeopardize a student's future. The best academic writers are student writers pursuing their education and academic scholars.

    Thanks for the article.

  2. jason
    thank you for the wonderful information concerning academic writing and some of the pitfalls of the industry. your comments are always appreciated.


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