What is More Important Title or Content of an Article?- Food for Thought

Food for Thought

There are a variety of different reasons why your article content will or will not get views after you publish. Is a good title the answer or is great content going to get you the page views? What is more important title or content of an article?

Page views are extremely important. Page views will get you the money. The more people that are reading your articles the more money you make with AdSense and other advertisers. Therefore, people wonder if the content or the title is the answer for getting the page views. There are many reasons why one or the other has the advantage.

A great title will get the attention of a reader. Having a terrific title will make the web surfer pay attention to this piece of content and take a read. The average person on the web isn’t actually reading they are surfing the web. Therefore, if you can get the surfing to stop long enough to get a page view you earn money.

A great title will display what your article content is about and will also include your keywords or phrases. Including your keywords or phrases will point to what the subject matter contains as well as earn your search engine ranking. Getting the content in front of a reader with search engines is extremely important. What is more important title or content?

Quality content is necessary to make any money writing online. Quality content contains the answer to the question or issue that the web surfer is looking for. You need to provide quality and relevant content. Easy to read information that delivers solutions will get you a repeat page view in many cases.

Add SEO to the mix and search engine rankings will increase which makes your subject matter more visible and easier to find will get you page views. If you are writing for an article or authority site, having great content will gain you a repeat reader or audience. This is more important than the first time reader. Having someone subscribe to your RSS or feed means that they are interested in what you have to say and would like to read more.

Overall I would have to say that title and content are both extremely important. You cannot have one without the other to make certain your gain page views. A sloppy or poor title won’t get your article the attention it needs to get it viewed. Poor quality or articles that don’t deliver what the title promised will not get you page views.

Having the great title combined with extraordinary content can certainly get you more read for your content while making you more money with your writing online. What is more important, title or content?

what do you feel is more important? artice content or title?