You Need to Add Extras to Your Content to Separate it and you from the Rest

Your content is not like anyone else’s. That is why traffic is going to be drawn to it. In order to make sure that will occur; you need to add something extra. Sometimes it may be that little extra that brings them to you instead of another article on the same subject.

·         Write quality content
I know this may seem like something said over and over again but it holds true

·         Write a quantity of content
Don’t sacrifice your quality for quantity; you can have both with hard work. Submit your content to different sites that you belong to. Read my article on writing the same subject content with a different article

·         Insert a picture or two
If you are a video buff, add one. Whatever you may have a knack for to make your article your own, go with that. I have reviewed many blogs that are excellent and are unique and catch your eye because of that little something that was added. Even articles with an interesting image or video attached. Try one and measure your stats, you may be surprised

·         Select articles that are interesting to people
what they want to read, not what you want to necessarily write. Draw on something in the news or hot on Twitter if you need a little quick inspiration

·         Great grammar and readability is a must have for all writers

·         Eye catching titles
There is a ton of advice on this matter. Some will advise no longer than 5 words, some advice never a question. The list can go on and on. I will develop an article on titles at a later date. However, when you write your title stand back and look at it is this something that would make you stop and read it?

Make yourself unique. If you stand out, so will your article. Add you touch or personal touches and see if your article does differ from the rest.