How to Get 10,000 Page Views with 50 Articles

Keywords and phrases are researched and articles created. However, you continue to struggle with getting the page views that produce the earnings writers hope to see. You write more articles in the hopes of gaining more page views, but are still not as successful as you thought. When you see other writers that are achieving thousands more page views with fewer articles, you have to wonder what their secret to success is.

Countless authors are unable or unwilling to share information about their success. However, I have found several that have shared this information. Willchutah is one such writer that has achieved 10,000 page views with 50 articles. Getting 10,000 page views with 50 articles is something that is astonishing.

Some writers are certainly more successful than others. One writer in particular belongs to my Triond writing community. This is an author that has 50 articles with 10,000 page views.
This is the link to the article that proves writing success does come to us all. Some certainly sooner than others, but eventually through diligence and perseverance you can see it.

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