How important is it to Connect with Other Freelance Writers

Some freelance writers feel the need to go it alone. They don’t connect or network with other writers and these writers are missing out on some value to their career. Connecting with other writers is beneficial for a number of reasons. There is a need and desire for many writers to connect with other freelance writers in the industry for a number of reasons. 

Connections that are developed with other writers can provide you with a lot more than many writers know. The feeling that networking with the writing community may be taking something away from your writing is not correct. In fact, networking with other writers can add something to you and your writing on a lot of different fronts. These are several advantages you can see as a writer when you connect with other freelance writers.

a)      Ask questions and get answers- when you are a writer you read and expand your horizons continually. As this occurs there are questions that pop up that only another writer can answer for you. Asking questions of other writers and getting answers is terrific. You can expand your horizons and many times you will save time and energy by getting answer from another writer. They can assist you with getting around obstacles and over hurdles that you would have otherwise met without their assistance. Connecting with other writers as a freelance writer is extremely beneficial for getting answers to questions that you would never find an answer to without their help.

b)      Referrals for clients-clients are a big part of the income of a freelance writer. Clients are wonderful for a steady stream of income. These are people that will hire you to write for them. Whether the employment is ghostwriting, article writing, eBook writing or other forms of freelance writing that bring in the income another freelance writer may be the source of a steady stream of income through a referral.

There have been several projects that I have accepted and found out I may need to subcontract with another writer to finish. I have contacted several writers to assist and things have worked out wonderful for both of us.

I have received emails from clients that I have never worked with and found out that another writer has referred me. This is a client that may have contacted them for a project, but they didn’t have the time to invest. The writer referred me as a writer to work with them.

Referrals from other freelance writers have worked out well for both of us. They have satisfied the client’s needs and I have earned a great source of income.

c)       Starting out a professional relationship can turn into a friendship. I have found several wonderful writers as a friend that began as a professional relationship. Professional relationships can surprise you with a great friendship that can last for years to come. You never know on what level you will connect with another writer. Friendship is something that we certainly cherish and surprisingly finding friends while working professionally does happen. If you don’t connect with other writers you may never find these extraordinary people that become our friends.

These are several reasons to connect with other freelance writers. Writers that never reach out to other writers are missing out on a lot of benefits to their writing career. Not only can your professional career benefit, but you may find some friends that can enrich you personally as well.