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Is it okay for freelance writers to write for free? The answer is yes. Of course, this is simply my opinion and I know that many freelance writers are yanking their hair out at this statement. However, after posting when not to write for free I had to write a response stating when I felt a freelance writer should write for free.

Most freelancers will tell you don’t ever write for free. There are even those that will tell you that writing for a reduced rate will hurt the rest of the freelancers out there that are trying to make a buck. The plumber and electrician don’t work for free so why should you? Why should anyone expect you to? Right? Well sort of.
These are situations where you may find yourself writing for free;

a)      To compile content
When you are a newbie or novice you may find yourself writing for free.  Passive income is touted as a great way to earn while you sit on your butt. You will earn great income, eventually. However, you have to write great content and get your earnings up for AdSense revenue sharing and similar revenue sources in order to get the passive income flowing.  Basically until this happens you are writing for free.

Depending on how many sites you join and how many page views, ad impressions and sales you make you could potentially be writing hundreds of articles for free.  The articles are free upfront. On the back end you the idea is you will be earning a great passive income.

b)      Blogging
Blogging is another resource where you are writing for free. When you start a blog, hopefully to become successful, you are writing for free. Eventually your blog will become a success and you will be paid for your writing or blogging efforts. You plan on things going this way.

c)       Charity
Charity is always a source of free writing. If your church or other charitable organization needs a newsletter or other content fashioned, write for free.

d)      Promoting your own work
There are times when you need to promote your own work. For an example, you wrote an eBook and need to promote it. All of your promotional material will more than likely be free of charge. Writing for free for your own pocket does happen. Promote your work to get your income for your eBook.

e)      Creating a portfolio as a novice or newbie
Some writers agree with this one, but I am still not certain. Creating a great portfolio for your work when you are starting out can be wonderful. However, giving it away for free may or may not be done. There are several freelance writers that admit writing for free for your local newspaper or magazine publication will certainly look nice on your portfolio. I cannot argue with that. Though, I would try and sell the content before offering it up free of charge.

f)       Free article distribution sites
Free article distribution sites are a terrific way to create back links to content and get your work around the web. If you are interested in building back links this is a sure way to go. Although, remember there is no guarantee your work will be used for another site and how often. You may create 100 articles and only one or two may be used this year.

These are several examples of when a freelance writer will write for free. The debate will go on and on among freelance writers
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  1. Interesting. Maybe I'll return to freelance writing in the future. You have good suggestions.


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