Article Rewriting Can Be One of the Easier Freelancing Jobs

There are many job boards that have article rewriting positions. Article rewriting may sound difficult, but in fact it’s easier than original content writing because you have the basis of an article completed and a wealth of information to begin with.

An article rewrite is not the same as an article being “spun”. A rewrite is a new article based on the same content.

There is a method to the madness of article rewriting. There are some writers that may see an article rewrite and become a bit overwhelmed, don’t be.

These are some simple hints that can make your article rewriting life a little easier;

·         Rewrite your title
If your title is already decent you may be in luck. A decent title requires little work on the rewrite. Many times you can simply reword the same phrase. Remember to keep the title short and sweet or catchy if possible. If you are not able to keep the title short and get your article out there, don’t sweat it.
Note; titles are important for getting the traffic to your article. Make it effective but fewer than seven words if possible. The ideal title is 5

·         Your first paragraph is always important. Make certain that you keep the same general information as the original and stay on task. Know what the original article is telling the reader and outline this information in your first paragraph.

·         The body should be in the same tone as the original content. Synonyms are wonderful and should be pushed when rewriting.  However, when using synonyms, make certain that your article makes sense and flows nicely, don’t overdo it.

·         If you feel the first article could have had the paragraphs arranged better, don’t hesitate to change yours. You don’t need to follow them exactly.

·          If the original didn’t have subheadings and bullet points and you would like to add them, do so.

·         Content in the original that sounds great for your rewrite can be used if the client indicates the article needs to be only a percentage original. For example, the request may be for a rewrite to be only 80% unique.

·         If you are writing for SEO or keywords, remember to keep the correct keyword density as requested by the client with your rewrite.

Article rewriting pay is characteristically less than original content writing. However, the work is easier and should go faster than original writing.

Which do you prefer, original content writing or article rewriting?